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1. Directions: Read the information carefully and answer the following question.

There are 12 people (A, B, C, D, P, Q, R, S, K, L, M and N) in a family of 5 men and 7 women out of which there are 4 couples and the family is upto 4 generations. Each one Studies a unique coding language such as Javascript, Python, SQL, PHP, Ruby, C++, C Sharp, VB, Java, Perl, HTML and Swift.

P Studies Python and has 2 sons and a daughter Studying Perl.

M Studies Javascript and is son in law of A.

Q Studies HTML, B Studies SQL. S and L are daughters of D, who Studies C++ and D has no cousins.

A is the great-grandmother of L.

B is unmarried and grandfather of the person who Studies VB.

The person who Studies Java is the mother in law of the person who Studies Swift, who is the mother in law of D.

S does not Study VB and her paternal aunt Studies Ruby.

R is the grandmother of the girl who Studies PHP.

2. Directions: Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

Twelve person Anchal, Devesh, Himesh, Jatin, Kartik, Lavik, Monica, Raja, Pratibha, Ritik, Simran and Shahrukh went for dinner from which Anchal, Kartik, Lavik, Raja, Ritik and Shahrukh sat in row 1 and Devesh, Himesh, Jatin, Monica, Pratibha and Simran sat in row 2 not necessarily in the same order. Members of row 1 are facing south and row 2 are facing north and each member of row 1 is facing a member in row 2. The salary set of some of them are 3000, 3765, 4000, 5000, 7000 and 15000 per month but not necessarily in the same order. The given salary is in dollars.

Shahrukh is facing the person who earns 4000 $. Jatin earns in the multiple of 3 but neither maximum nor minimum from the given set of salary. Three people sit between Devesh and Himesh, who sits at one of the end. The salary of Devesh is the sum of Jatin’s salary and thrice of Ritik’s salary. Jatin earns 700 $ more than Lavik and Simran earns 300 less than the twice of Lavik. Salary of Kartik is 7000 $ which is 4000 $ more than Anchal. At one of the ends Anchal faces Jatin and the average of the salaries of Anchal, Kartik and Shahrukh is 5000 $. Only Ritik and Pratibha earn the same as Anchal. Raja’s salary is 800 $ less than the one third of Himesh, who faces Lavik.Two people are sitting between Kartik and Raja, Ritik doesn’t sit near Kartik and none of them sits at the end. Kartik sits to the right of Raja facing Devesh. Only Himesh sits to the right of Simran and earns maximum from the salary set.

3. Directions: Study the information given and answer the questions following.

Manik, Geetansh, Kamal, Vibhor, Pinkul, Rajesh, Shivam, Sharun and Amit are playing in a ground.

i) Pinkul and Amit are 3m apart and Pinkul is 5m to North East of Rajesh.

ii) Sharun is 5m to the South East of Amit, who is facing North.

iii) Amit and Vibhor are 5m apart in a straight-line facing North and Shivam is at equidistant points at 3m in South East direction of Vibhor and 3m in North East direction of Amit.

iv) Geetansh is standing at 3m in South West direction to Kamal who is in a straight line and at 4m to left of Vibhor facing North.

v) Manik is 3m to the West of Geetansh