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Error Spotting Part 1 For IBPS Clerk 2020

         Spotting Error Part 1

Welcome to online English quiz by Gkrecall. Gkrecall have started QUIZ program for SBI PO PRELIM AND SBI CLERK MAIN 2020 and we are creating sample questions in English section daily, THESE TYPE OF QUESTIONS ARE MOST EXPECTED IN EXAM!!! So never missout on anything.

Here are some English questions, which are most probable to be asked in IBPS Clerk PRELIM 2020!!!

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Direction: Read the following sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number corresponding to that part will be your answer. If the given sentence is correct as it is, mark the answer as ‘No error’. Ignore the errors of punctuation if any.

1. It is important to raise awareness (1)/ about mental illness and (2)/ educating people on how they can (3)/ better manage their mental health. (4)

2.The liquor business has been (1)/ undergoing quantum changes (2)/ ever since the government begun (3)/ implementing phased prohibition. (4)

3. The programme is designed to (1)/ nurture and encourage talents, (2)/ helping to enhance applications for (3)/ university choral scholarships. (4)

4. It is argued that geographical (1)/ constituted groups such as community (2)/ organisations are not the actual representatives (3)/ of the socially diverse populations. (4)

5.  The rapidly escalating US-China trade war (1)/ has sent global financial markets tumbling over the past month (2)/, between rising fears about the impact (3)/ of the long-running dispute on the world economy. (4)

6. The increased volumes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (1)/ released by the burning of fossil fuels, land clearing, agriculture, and other human activities, (2)/ are believed to be the primary sources of the global warming (3)/ that has occurred over the past 50 years. (4)

7. The band was made up (1)/ of a diverse group of (2)/ individual, belonging to (3)/ different countries and cultures. (4)

8.  Dole believes in making a current government (1)/ function by cooperating, compromising (2)/ and working out the inevitable (3)/ disagreements of a diverse society. (4)

9.If you go through life with a perspective (1)/ that you have something to learn (2)/ from everyone you meet, (3)/ you'll hoard a lot of informal mentors along the way. (4)

10.India is the fastest growing economy in the world (1)/ and is expected to be one of the top three economic powers of the world (2)/ over the next 10-15 years, (3)/ backed by its strong democratic and partnerships. (4)

11. Emerging infectious disease have much to do with (A)/ how and where we live (B)/ and the ongoing coronavirus are an example of the close relationships (C)/ between urban development and new or re-emerging infection diseases. (D)

Direction: In the given question, a sentence is divided into four parts. There are errors in three parts. Choose the part which doesn’t have an error. If all the four parts are correct, mark E, i.e. ‘All are correct’ as the answer.

12.Unless the planning body(A)/ does not have constitutionally status(B)/ independent from that of the government,(C)/ it forced to bend to the will of the latter(D).

13.From a volume and value standpoint,(A)/ Indian defence exports,(B)/ while showing a promising upward trend(C)/, still remain uncompetitive globally(D).

14.Experts and officials advice(A)/ download apps only through verified platforms(B)/ and keeping your device’s security apparatus(C)/ updated regular(D).

15.He spent the last ten years (1)/ of his life in a wheelchair after (2)/ a fall which leaving him (3)/ paralysed from waist down. (4)

                        DETAILED SOLUTIONS 

1.The error is in the third part of the sentence.

We need to replace 'educating' with 'educate'. The sentence needs to have a parallel structure i.e. 'educate' (base form of the verb) should be used to agree with 'raise' (base form of the verb).

2.The error is in the third part of the sentence.

We need to replace 'begun' with 'began'. 'Since' as conjunction sometimes combines with 'ever' to make 'ever since'. In this construction, the main clause tense is present perfect tense and the time clause tense is simple past tense. According to this, the use of begun (past participle) is incorrect and must be replaced by 'began' (simple past).

3. The sentence is correct and requires no changes. Hence, the correct answer is E.

4.In part one, the adjective "geographical" has been used to describe the verb "constituted" which is incorrect. We need to use the adverb 'geographically' to describe the verb "constituted". Hence, the correct answer is A.

5.The error is in the third part of the sentence.

We need to replace 'between' with 'amid'. We use 'between' to refer to two things which are clearly separated. 'Amid' is used when we talk about uncountable things. Thus, ‘amid’ is the correct word to be used in this context.

6.The error is in the fourth part of the sentence. The sentence refers to the activities that have been occurring over the past 50 years and are still continuing leading to global warming. Thus, the use of ‘has occurred’ is incorrect as the sentence is in present perfect continuous tense. The correct use would be ‘has been occurring’ which makes the sentence grammatically correct.

7. The error is in the third part of the sentence.

We need to replace 'individual' with 'individuals'. As a determiner, 'diverse' implies the context of 'including many different types of people or things'. So, the plural noun 'individuals' need to be used.

8.The given sentence talks about a specific government. We know this because Dole is talking about the functioning of the government and is aware of the social situation too. This means that when Dole says 'government', he means a very specific government. So, it should be 'the' instead of 'a' in part1. Hence, the correct answer is A.

9.The error lies in the fourth part of the sentence. ‘Hoard’ is generally used when we talk about materialistic things like ‘hoard of gold’ and not while describing people. Thus, ‘hoard a lot of informal mentors’ is not incorrect. Instead, ‘gather’ or ‘collect’ can be used in this context.

10.The error lies in the fourth part of the sentence. ‘Democratic’ adds no meaning here and the incorrect form of the word has been used here. Instead, using ‘democracy’ gives meaning to the sentence and renders it correct.

11. The sentence is talking about a past event, so all the verbs should be in simple past tense. So, it should be 'left' in part 3, not 'leaving'. Hence, the correct answer is C.

12. Out of the given parts, part B is error free. 

In part A, the error is in noun count and the subsequent tense that has been used. If the plural ‘diseases’ is used then, the verb ‘have’ is correct. But if the singular noun ‘disease’ is used, the verb should be ‘has’.

In part C, to maintain subject-verb agreement instead of ‘is’, ‘are’ should be used as ‘coronavirus’ is singular.

In part D, instead of the noun ‘infection’, we need an adjective ‘infectious’ to describe the noun ‘diseases’.

13.  Out of the given parts, part C is error free.

In part A, ‘Unless’ is incorrect here. We cannot use two negative in same sentence. ‘If’ will be the correct choice.

In part B, ‘constitutionally status’ is incorrect here. ‘Status’ is a noun. We should use adjective before it, i.e ‘constitutional’.

In part D, ‘it forced’ is incorrect here. In the conditional sentence ‘will be forced’ this structure should be followed.

14.  All parts of the sentence are error free.

The given sentence is in its correct form.

In part A, standpoint means an attitude to a particular issue.

In part C, upward trend means a trend that is pointing towards a higher level. The other parts of the sentence are easy to understand are clearly free from any error.

Therefore, the correct choice will be option E.

15.  Out of the given parts, part C is error free.

In part A, ‘advice’ is incorrect here. ‘Advice’ is a noun but this is a position of the verb. ‘Advise’ will be the correct choice.

In part B, ‘download apps’ is incorrect here. In both side of ‘and’ we should follow same sentence structure. ‘Downloading’ will be the correct choice.

In part D, ‘updated regular’ is incorrect here. We need an adverb here, i.e ‘regularly’.

So, the correct choice will be option C.