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QUANT SET 23 FOR RRB PO & CLERK PRE-2020 (arithmetic questions)


RRB Clerk and RRB PO Prelims exam are going to be held in the upcoming months. GKRECALL have already provided you with the PDFs of many topics of QuantitativeAptitudelike NumberSeries,data interpretation.important, simplification,
Arithmetic questions to prepare for RRB Clerk and PO Pre exam. Practicing these questions will help you to know about the level of the questions. To increase your speed and accuracy, enhance your calculations.

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                  START QUIZ

1.What is the marked price (in Rs.) of a book if a tradesman gives 20% discount on the marked price and 1 book free with every 15 books bought and still gains 50%. C.P. of the books is Rs.2000.

E.None of these

2.After reducing the marked price of a pen by Rs. 640, a shopkeeper makes a profit of 15%. The cost price of a pen is Rs. 6400.Find the Marked price of pen.

E.None of these

Directions ( 3 - 5) : Study the following information carefully and give the answers of questions as follows.
Five-pipes A,B,C,D and E can fill a tank ’T’ in 40,30,60,30,and 20 hours respectively. They start filling another tank ‘X’ together and E closed after 8 hours. Tank filled by B is same as tank filled by C, while A and C fill the tank for same time. D fill the tank for ‘Z’ hours. If B, C & D together can fill the tank ‘X’ in 30 hours and B fill the tank for only 10 hours. (Efficiencies of pipes remain same).

Find the value of ‘Z’ ?

A.7 hours
B.9 hours
C.11 hours 
D.13 hours
E.None of these

4.A and C together can fill another tank ‘P’ in (T + 84) hours, while B and D together can fill the tank ‘P’in (T + 30) hours. Find how many hours B fill the tank ‘P.

A.100 hours 
B.190 hours 
C.185 hours  
D.150 hours 
E.180 hours     

5.If all pipes are started together to fill the tank T in how many hours tank can be filled ?

A.117/7 hours 
B.120/19 hours
C.123/1 hours
D.123/13 hours
E.None of these

6.If all pipes are working alternative hours started with A,B,C,D and E respective hours. In how many hours tank T will be filled ?

A.30 3/4 hours  
B.32 3/4 hours
C.31 3/4  hours
D.33  3/4 hours
E.None of these

7.A Container contains 192 liter of Milk. A seller draws out x% of Milk and replaced it with the same quantity of water. He repeated the same process for 3 times. And thus Milk content in the mixture is only 81 liter. Then how much percent he withdraw every time?
1. 10%
2. 15%
3. 18%
4. 20%
5. 25%

8.A Jar contains 30 liters mixture of Milk and Water in the ratio of x:y respectively. When 10 liter of the mixture is taken out and replaced it water, then the ratio becomes 2:3. Then what is the initial quantity of Milk in the Jar?
1. 12 Liter
2. 15 Liter
3. 18 Liter
4. 20 Liter
5. None

9.A right circular cone is placed over a cylinder of the same radius. Now the combined structure is painted on all sides. Then they are separated now the ratio of area painted on Cylinder to Cone is 3:1. What is the height of Cylinder if the height of Cone is 4 m and radius is 3 m?
1. 5 m
2. 6 m
3. 8 m
4. 10 m
5. Cannot be determined

10.The diameter of Road Roller is 84 cm and its length is 150 cm. It takes 600 revolutions to level once on a particular road. Then what is the area of that road in m²?
1. 2376
2. 2476
3. 2496
4. 2516
5. None


1.ATQ,MP × 80/100×15/16= 150/100* CP
Required answer 2000 ×2/1 = Rs 4000

2.(MP - 640) =115/100 × 6400
MP = 7360 + 640 = Rs 8000

3.Let the capacity of tank T is =120 units
So number of units fill by pipes A,B,C,D and E is 3,4,2,4,6 respectively.
Capacity of tank X = (4+2+4)×30 = 300 units
Number of units filled by pipe B=10 × 4 = 40 unit
Tank filled by Pipe B is same as Pipe C i.e 40 units.
Time taken by C = 40/2 = 20 hours
Time taken by C is same as Pipe A so number of units fill by Pipe A = 20*3 = 60 units
ATQ,60 + 40 + 40 + 4*Z + 48 = 300
Z = 112/4= 28 hours

4.ATQ,5(T + 84) = 8(T + 30)
T = 60
Time taken by B = 720/4= 180 hours

5.Capacity of tank = 120 units
Time taken by all to fill the tank together = 120/19

6.We know that capacity of tank is 120 units
In 5 hours only 19 units can be filled.
So 120 unit can fill in 31 3/4 hours

7.Answer – 5. 25%
Explanation :
81 = 192(1-x/100)³
x = 25

8.Answer – 3. 18 Liter
Explanation :
x+y =30
(x-10*x/x+y)/ (y-10*y/(x+y) + 10) = 2/3
2x-4/3y = 20
x =18

9.Answer – 2. 6 m
Explanation :
Cylinder painted area = 2πrh+πr²
Cone painted area = πrl
2h+r/√ (r² +h1² ) = 3:1
h = 6

10.Answer – 1. 2376
Explanation :