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Computer Awareness Quiz: Computer Awareness is one of the sections in Exams like RBI Assistant, IBPS RRB, FCI etc. So we have started this series of Quiz on Computer Awareness. These questions are most important for the upcoming banking exam of RBI Assistant, IBPS RRB. So attempt all the sets now.

                              SET :1

1. Which of the following is the correct format of IPv6? 
A) 1234.1234.1234.1234
 B) hhh:hhh:hhh:hhh:hhh 
C) hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh

2. What does e stand for in eGPU? 
A) External 
B) Enclosed
 C) Extended
 D) Ecient

 3. Which of the following is not a type of protocol? A) FTP B) HTTPS C) ZIP D) ARP 4. What does C stand for in OpenCL? 
A) Complex 
B) Coded
 C) Cost
 D) Computing

 5. OpenCL was developed by?
 A) Google
 B) Microsoft
 C) Apple

 6. The action of quickly moving your nger across a touchscreen is known as? 
A) swipe
 B) press 
C) halt 
D) move 

7. ________ is a collection of software used for developing applications for a specic device or operating system.
 A) APK 

8. What does i stand for in Iframe with respect to html? 
A) inside
 B) inline
 C) information 
D) integral 

9. Which of the following identies a hardware device on a network?
A) IP name 
B) ping name 
C) domain name 
D) host name 

10. The Recycle Bin is to Windows as the ____ is to macOS? 
A) Trash 
B) Bin 
C) Box
 D) Delete 


1. hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh:hhhh

2.Explanation: External Graphics Processing Unit

3.Explanation: ZIP is a type of file compression

4.Explanation: Open Computing Language

5.Explanation: OpenCL is an open standard for cross-platform, parallel programming. It was originally developed by Apple in 2008 and is now maintained by the Khronos Group.

6.Explanation: swiping

7.Explanation: Software Development Kit

8.Explanation: short for inline frame

9.Explanation: A hostname is a label that identifies a hardware device, or host, on a network.

10.Explanation: Trash