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Directions (1 –5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions. 
Nine candidates have exams on different dates (5th, 18th and 23th) on 3 different months (April, May and June) of the same year. They have exams of different subject viz. 
(Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, Hindi, English, Economics and Polity  
Three candidates have exams between H and F who does not have exam of Biology. G has exam of Hindi but after B and before A. J has exam of Physics but it is scheduled immediately before F. D’s exam which is not of Biology is immediately after E’s exam but they have exam in different months. B and A together don’t have exam on 5th. C has exam of Polity but immediately after H and neither of them has exam on 5th. B and E does not give the exam of biology. H gives exam of the subject in which the topics are financial. The exam of chemistry is scheduled immediately after the exam of Mathematics. F does not give the exam of English but gives the exam after the exam of English. 
1. B has exam on which date and of which subject? 
A. 18th  May , Hindi 
B. 18th  April , English 
C. 5th  May, History 
D. 5th  April, English 
E. None of these 
2. G has exam on which date? 
A. 18th May 
B. 5th May 
C. 18th April 
D. 23th May 
E. None of these 
3. Who among the following has exam of the subject in which we study about the gravity? 
I. F 
II. D 
A. Either I or II 
B. Only II 
C. Only III 
D. Only I 
E. None of these 
4. Which among the following group has a exam of Language? 
A. B, G 
B. F, G 
C. G, H 
D. G, B 
E. G, C 
5. Who has exam of History? 
A. None of these 
B. G 
C. F 
D. B 
E. A 
Directions (6-10) : Study the information and answer the questions :
In a certain code language,
‘fun the boat car’ is written as ‘np ac ag om’,
‘car are fest run’ is written as ‘at ah mc np’,
‘fun the sun car’ is written as ‘ag ac es np’
‘fest run your’ is written as ‘ah mc av’.'

6. What is the code for ‘sun’?
A. es
B. ag
C. np
D. mc
E. av
7. Which of the following can be the code for ‘your fun boat’?
A. av om ac
B. ac ag om
C. om ag av
D. Either a or c
E. None of these
8. ‘mc’ is the code for which of the following?
A. car
B. your
C. fest
D. Either fest or run
E. None of these
9. Which of the following is the code for ‘car’?
A. es
B. mc
C. np
D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these
10. ‘run fun the fest’ can be coded as which of the following?
A. ac ag ah mc
B. ah mc ag es
C. ac ah ag om
D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these
6. Option A
7. Option D
8. Option D
9. Option C
10. Option A