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Directions (1 –5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
In a certain code,
“Challenging world economy now” is written as “Sk Rk Tk Nk”,
“Economy bad current issue” is written as “Pk Gk Sk Fk”, 
“Current world looking good” is written as “Nk Mk Pk Vk”, 
“Looking good challenging with” is written as “Vk Mk Rk Dk”.
1. What will be the code for “Looking”? 
A. Rk 
B. Mk 
C. Tk 
D. Vk 
E. Either Mk or Vk  
2. If “The issues are worried” written as “Ik Jk Gk Yk”, then what will be the code for “Bad”? 
A. Pk 
B. Fk 
C. Gk 
D. Sk 
E. Cannot be determined 
3. The codes “Rk Mk Nk” may represent which of the following? 
A. Challenging good bad 
B. World economy bad 
C. World looking challenge 
D. Good with now 
E. None of these
4. What does the code “Fk” represents? 
A. World 
B. Looking 
C. Issues 
D. Bad 
E. Either Issues or Bad 
5. What is the possible code for “Good World”? 
A. Nk Vk 
B. Mk Tk 
C. Fk Dk 
D. Pk Mk 
E. None of these
Direction (6-10):Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.  
Twelve persons are sitting in two parallel rows containing six persons each, in such a way that there is an equal distance between the adjacent persons. In row1 P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are facing south. In row2 J, K, L, M, N and O are facing north.J is sitting third to the right of M. Either M or J is sitting at the extreme ends of the row. Q is facing J. U is sitting third to the right of Q. S not sits at the middle position of the row. N is sitting third to the right of K and is not sitting at the extreme ends of the row. T is sitting immediate right of Q. S is facing K. L is an immediate neighbour of neither N nor J. N is facing R.
6. In the row facing south who is sitting at the extreme ends of the row? 
A. R,S 
B. R,P 
C. S,Q 
D. R,Q 
E. P,Q
7. Who is sitting immediate right of N? 
A. M 
B. O 
C. L 
D. J 
E. None of these 
8. Who are the immediate neighbours of U? 
A. S and P 
B. S and R 
C. P and R 
D. S and T 
E. None of these 
9. If K is interchanges his position with M, similarly L with N and J with O, then who among the following is facing P? 
A. L 
B. M 
C. J 
D. N 
E. None of these 
10. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given arrangement and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group? 
A. PU 
B. RT 
C. ML 
D. ON 
E. KL