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Directions (1 – 5):Study the following information and answer the questions given below: 
S#T – S is the son of T. 
S@T – T is the child of S. 
S$T – S is elder than T. 
S*T– S is the husband of T. 
S©T – S is the parent of T. 
S&T– T is the daughter-in-law of S. 
S%T– S is the wife of T. 
1. If C @ D * E & F % G $ H # D, then how H is related F? 
A. Brother                                               
B. Uncle 
C. Father in law 
D. Brother in law 
E. Cannot be determined 
2. If S * M @R $ N # S, the age of M is 35 years and of N is 18 years then what is the probable age of R? 
A. 17 years 
B. 19 years 
C. 20 years 
D. 08 year 
E. Both b and c 
3. If W%F @ G * J & K % H, then how W is related to J? 
A. Father in law 
B. grandmother in law 
C. Daughter in law 
D. Mother in law 
E. Cannot be determined 
4. If C % D © E * A © B and the age of C is 70 years, then what could be the age of E? 
A. 77 years 
B. 75 years 
C. 40 years 
D. 80 years 
E. 72 years 
5. If X * Y © Z $ U # M and X#R@M, then how X is related to U ? 
A. Grandfather 
B. Uncle 
C. Aunty 
D. Sister 
E. None of these 
1. D
2. E

3. D
4. C
5. B
Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the below questions. Five building are adjacent to one another in a linear way from west to east. Each building is numbered as I to V from west to east. Each building contains different number of floors such as two to six floors not in numerical order. All the floors are in same height and bottom floor is 1st and above is 2nd floor and so on. 
Note: In each building persons lives in alternate floor remaining should be vacant floor. No two persons live in consecutive floors in any building. Each building is painted either with Green and Yellow colours. No same colour is painted to building immediate to each other. 
M and N lives in the same building but neither M nor N lives in 1st floor. P lives above M floor in different building. Difference between both end building floors is same as difference between 2nd and 4th building floors. Except M and N no one lives in that building. D, L and F are lives in the same floor but not in the 2nd floor. No one lives below or above of both L and C. Building with 5 floor is second from one end and west of three floor building. Both O and P live in the same green colour building. M’s building is west of III building. F lives in the IV building, in 1st floor and neither lives with O nor P in the building. Building with six floors is second from one of the end. Yellow colour is painted next to the highest floor building. W lives in the top most floor of same colour building as D. The building I does not contains odd number of floors. Both J and C lives to the east of L’s building above 2nd floor of different buildings. M lives above J’s floor but on different building. 
6. Which of the following is/are true regarding to the information? 
A. J and O lives in the same floor. 
B. W and F are in the same building 
C. C lives in the yellow colour building 
D. All are true 
E. None of these 
7. How many floors are between F and W? 
A. One.  
B. Four.  
C. Three.  
D. One 
E. None of the above 
8. O lives in which of the following floor? 
A. Second 
B. Fourth 
C. First 
D. Third 
E. None of these 
9. How many building are between the building in which N and J lives? 
A. One.  
B. Four    
C. Three.  
D. Two.  
E. None of these 
10. In the given following, who does not belong to the group? 
A. C. 
B. M.  
C. L.  
D. J.  
E. O