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Directions (1 – 5):Study the following information and answer the questions given below: 
In a certain code language,
‘ Thin paper neat lyf olded’ is written as @D6, %R5, ! N4, ? Y6
‘ Four people from USA’ is written as @M4, %E6, #A3, @R4
‘ Urban development progamme launched’ is written as %E9, * T11, #N5&D8
‘ Dhaya likes forties hero’ is written as @E7, &E5, * A5, $O4
1.The code for the word ‘People’ is
A. @M4
B. %E6
C. #A3
D. @R4
E. None of these
2. The code ‘*A5' denotes which of the following word?
A. Likes
B. Hero
C. Forties
D. Dhaya
E. None of these
3. The code word of ‘Four’ is
A. @R4
B. %E6
C. @M4
D. #A3
E. None of these
4. ‘ #’ denotes which letter of the given words?
A. N
B. F
C. L
D. D
E. U
5. According to the given code word, what will be the code for‘ Data Liner each points’ ?
A. * 4A&4E@5H%6S
B. * 4A&4E! 5H%6S
C. * 4A&4E#5H%6S
D. * 4A&4E$5H%6S
E. None of these
1.– B.%E6
People– %E6
No of letters–6
Last letter–E
2.Answer–D. Dhaya
* A5–Dhaya
D denote *
A denote Dhaya end with A
5 denote no of letter ( Dhaya=>5)
3.Answer–A. @R4
R–last letter of the word R and
Total no of letter 4
4.Answer–E. U
T=! , P=%, N=? , F=@, U=#, D=* , L=&, H=$
5.Answer–E. None of these
Data liner each points
* 4A&4E? 5H%6S
Directions (6-10):Study the following information and answer the questions given below: 
There are seven family members A, B, C, D, E, F, G who live in dierent cities. The family is of two generation. Five of them A, B, C, D, F are very fond of playing cricket. They play cricket in dierent tournaments and received awards. A tournament started in their state in which all of them are playing. One among ve grounds P, R, V, T and Q will be the venue for that tournament. Two grounds are in the north of the city and three are in the south of the city. Two grounds have bouncy pitches and two have turning pitches and the third a at pitch. Four grounds are in Pune and one will be in Nagpur. Seating capacity of two grounds is 20,000 each and that of two grounds is 10,000 each and one ground has a capacity of 30,000.The ground with the turning pitch in the south has more capacity than the ground in which D play in the tournament and one of them in Pune city. C and G are husband and wife respectively and has only one son. The three grounds in the south have dierent seating capacities. The grounds with bouncy pitches have the same seating capacity. F is the child of C’s brother-in-law. The turning pitch in the north, which is in Pune city, has less capacity than the ground in which B’s daughter play in the tournament. D is a spinster and brother-in-law of E. V has the same capacity as one of the grounds in which F or B’s brother play for the tournament. A is the only son of D’s sister. The ground in which A play and P have the same capacity. The gender of G and F is same. The ground in which B play and T are in the same region. Q, in the north, has a turning pitch. F is the only daughter of D’s sister-in-law. F, D does not play in ground V.A play in the ground which is in north. T has a turning pitch which is in the south direction. F does not play in ground T. V ground has a at pitch.
6. In which of the following ground D’s brother-in-law plays and what is the capacity of that ground? 
A. V- 20,000
B. T- 20,000
C. R- 30,000
D. T- 30,000
E. P- 10,000
7. What are the capacities of grounds with turning pitches? 
A. 20,000 and 10,000
B. 30,000 and 10,000
C. 20,000 and 20,000
D. 20,000 and 30,000
E. None of these
8. Which of the following is true with respect to the above given information? 
A. D and G are brothers and play in V and R grounds respectively.
B. C play in ground P which has a turning pitch.
C. Ground P is in south direction and has a capacity of 20,000 persons.
D. B and D are brothers and play in ground T and R respectively.
E. Ground V is in south direction and in Nagpur city.
9. Which of the following combination is true?
A. R- bouncy -South
B. V- turning- South
C. Q- turning- north
D. T- turning- north
E. P- at- north
10. In which of the following grounds A’s cousin and A’s father play in the tournament respectively? 
A. R, T
B. Q, R
C. P, V
D. V, P
E. P, T