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Directions (1 – 5):Study the following information and answer the questions given below: 
There are eight members J, K, L, M, N, O, P and Q. Each of them is related to J in some way or the other and all are sitting in a straight line facing north, but necessarily in the same order. 
N is sitting second to right of J’s son. Two people are sitting between N and K’s brother. Two people are sitting between J’s son and J’s father. J’s brother is sitting second to left of J. Two people are sitting between M and J’s sister. J is not an immediate neighbor of N. 
Q’s father is sitting to the immediate right of J’s daughter. J’s wife is immediate neighbor of Q. P is younger than L.O is an immediate neighbor of J’s father. O is sitting at one of extreme ends. M and J’s brother are sitting together. O is married to L. 
1. Who is to the immediate left of daughter of L? 
A. M            
B. P 
C. K               
D. J 
E. None of these 
2. Who sits second to the left of grandson of L? 
A. O        
B. L 
C. Q               
D. M 
E. None of these 
3. Who is sitting third to the left of N? 
A. J 
B. Q 
C. L            
D. P 
E. None of these 
4. Who is sitting second to the right of daughter of M?
A. O      
B. J 
C. P 
D. L 
E. None of these 
5. What is relation between K with respect to O? 
A. Son        
B. Uncle               
C. Daughter             
D. Father 
E. None of these 

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions: 
A word and number arrangement device when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular pattern in each step. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement. 
Input:  glitter situation younger contain visiting hostel ginger 
Step I: younger contain visiting ginger situation glitter hostel 
Step II:   41            25          27          14 55         14        20 
Step III:     66           52          41         69        69         34 
Step IV:             19          12        20         30          22 
Step V:                  7             -8        -10        8 
Step VI:                        -56        80       -80 
Step VII:                               24        0 
Step VIII:                                   24 
Input:  biscuit decide hideout silent essential author gesture 
6. Which element is third to the left in step IV? 
A. 21 
B. 32 
C. 24 
D. 120 
E. None of these 
7. What is the sum of the all the digits of the number in final step? 
A. 04 
B. 08 
C. 13 
D. 12 
E. None of these 
8. Which element is fifth from the right in step 1? 
A.  Author 
B. 89 
C. Silent 
D. Hideout  
E. None of these 
9. Which step number is the following output? 
"21       32          24         12       17" 
A. Step I  
B. Step II 
C. Step IV 
D. Step III 
E. Step V 
10. What is sum of all the numbers of penultimate step? 
A. 49 
B. 46 
C. 43 
D. 44 
E. None of these 
Step I: arrange the words from the left side which comes last in the dictionary and then the word which comes first in the English dictionary. Now, the second last word and second word will be arranged and so on. 
Step 2: each word is replaced by sum of the numerical position of vowels in the English alphabetical order. 
Step 3: sum of the two adjacent numbers given in step 2. 
Step 4:  sum of all the digits of the two adjacent numbers given in step 3. 
Step 5: Subtraction of 2nd number from the left from 1st and 3rd number from 2nd and so on.  
Step 6: Product of the two adjacent numbers given in step 5. 
Step 7:  sum of the two adjacent numbers given in step 6. 
Step 8:  Addition of two numbers  
Step-8 is the final step   
Now given  
Input:  biscuit decide hideout silent essential author gesture 
Step I: silent author hideout biscuit gesture decide essential 
Step II:   14       37        50           39         31          19        20 
Step III:        51       87         89           70         50         39 
Step IV:               21       32          24         12       17 
Step V:                     -11          8        -12        05 
Step VI:                        -88      96       -60 
Step VII:                             08       36 
Step VIII:                                44