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Fillers for SBI clerk main


Welcome to Online English Test in GKRECALL. We have started QUIZ program for SBI PO PRELIM AND SBI CLERK MAIN 2020 and we are creating sample questions in English section daily, THESE TYPE OF QUESTIONS ARE MOST EXPECTED IN EXAM!!! So never missout on anything.

Here are some English questions, which are most probable to be asked in SBI PO PRELIM 2020!!!

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The following statements has two blanks which are to be filled with the options given below. Each blank can be filled with more than one option. Find the combination/s which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement.

The Barrow venue was __________ to our list. Nuclear submarines keep most of that town in work. The four new ballistic-missile submarines of the Dreadnought class will be built at BAE’s yard there over the next 15 or so years at an estimated cost of £31bn. They will be built with American help and __________ with American Trident missiles; nevertheless they allow the UK government to persist with the expensive notion that it has an independent nuclear deterrent, and guarantee that the UK survives as one of the UN security council’s five permanent members.

I. furnished
II. pertinent
III. relevant
IV. equipped
V. apposite


None of these

Even Cameron’s more achievable goals __________ to be eluding him. He still seems to be in his £25,000 shepherd’s hut, writing this wildly called-for book of his, with the publication date now pushed back again to some unspecified date next year. Perhaps the shepherd’s hut could be towed to some remote snowy location, where a captive Cameron would be forced to write the book readers would like to read as opposed to the one he wants to write. It’s only a __________ idea. I think I saw a movie about it once.
I. appear
II. distinct
III. obscure
IV. emerge
V. vague

None of these

In the home to the mother of parliaments, it’s easy to feel __________ about the robustness of our democracy. Yet what if it is more __________ than we would like to think? In recent months, a committee of MPs has warned of a “crisis in our democracy”, while the chair of the Electoral Commission has cautioned that the UK faces a “perfect storm” of threats to the integrity of our elections.
I. conceited
II. concerned
III. flimsy
IV. complacent
V. fragile



None of these

There has been a complete absence of consequences for those involved, including the cabinet ministers who __________ and sat on the committee that oversaw Vote Leave’s campaign. Both campaigns have treated parliament with __________ and Vote Leave’s former staff have repeatedly refused to co-operate with the Electoral Commission during its inquiries.
I. mustered
II. disdain
III. convened
IV. esteem
V. contempt



None of these

This profoundly matters, not just for Brexit, but for the long-term functioning of our democracy. The MPs’ expenses scandal shows what happens when a few individuals start to exploit the rules: it shifts the consensus on what’s considered acceptable so that a few threads __________ loose end up unravelling all the cultural norms that __________ good behaviour.
I. tugged
II. pushed
III. reinforce
IV. jerked
V. brace


1- B
2- A
3- D
4- C
5- C