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Directions In the passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Every blank has four alternative words given in options (A),(B),(C) and (D). You have to tell which word will best suit the respective blank. Mark (E) as your answer if the word given in bold after the blank is your answer i.e “No change required”.
An amalgam of an Industrial Revolution 4.0 and sunrise additive manufacturing technologies (1)_________[provide] a pathway for India to achieve rapid growth. Such a thrust towards the manufacturing sector was long (2)_________[overdue] and what is essential to maintain the viability of India’s rising ambitions. India needs to be receptive towards such disruptive technologies. There is a need to (3)_________[ameliorate] the flaws in our skill development regime so that we are able to reap the dividends of our demographic abundance. High-tech manufacturing offers twin benefits; it will (4)__________[integrate] our already robust software ecosystems as well as create net value addition in the languishing manufacturing sector. The technology has the great (5)__________[prospective] in the field of health services, where organs can be created and transplanted quickly. Given the poor conditions of organ transplants in the country, 3D bioprinting can help reduce costs. Industrial 3D printing has already begun to (6)___________[transmute]manufacturing in Western countries. And one of the significant reasons for this is it’s efficiency because traditional manufacturing of mechanical parts involves making a mould and then (7)_________[embossing] out parts by thousands every day. The equipment to make these parts and mould is expensive, thus the cost of first hundred units is high. Per unit costs (8)_________[shrink] only when they are mass produced. Whereas, in Additive manufacturing, the physical object to be built is first designed in software. This design is fed to computerised machines, which build that object layer by layer. The technology is (9)_________ [suitable] for building the entire system in one go, with hollow interiors without assembly or interlocked parts. Changing features or tweaking shapes is a simple software change effected in minutes. Retooling of machines is not required and each unit can be customised. By (10)_________[obliterating] the need to hold a large inventory of parts, set up an assembly line and purchase costly machines, adaptive manufacturing or simply the 3D technology reduces capital and space as well as the carbon footprint.
  1. 1. give
    2. showcase
    3. nurture
    4. present
    5. No change required
  2. 1. Belated
    2. Tardy
    3. Unpunctual
    4. Delayed
    5. No change required
  3. 1. Rectify
    2. Adjust
    3. Resolve
    4. Harmonize
    5. No change required
  4. 1. Unite
    2. Combine
    3. Consolidate
    4. Blend
    5. No change required
  5. 1. Probability
    2. Potential
    3. Future
    4. Budding
    5. No change required
  6. 1. Metamorphose
    2. Transform
    3. Alter
    4. Transfigure
    5. No change required
  7. 1. Imprinting
    2. Debossing
    3. Stamping
    4. Inscribing
    5. No change required
  8. 1. Contract
    2. Wane
    3. Tumble
    4. Abate
    5. No change required
  9. 1. Befitting
    2. Appropriate
    3. Descent
    4. Apt
    5. No change required
  10. 1. Terminating
    2. Annihilating
    3. Eliminating
    4. Abolishing
    5. No change required


1. 4)
Present – (verb) (of an opportunity or idea) occur and be available for use or exploitation

2. 5)
Overdue – having been needed for some time

3. 1)
Rectify – put right; correct.

4. 3)
Consolidate – make something more stronger

5. 2)
Potential – having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future

6. 2)
Transform – make a marked change in the form, nature, or appearance of

7. 3)
Stamping – make or build an article or a structure using specific moulds

8. 1)
Contract – decrease in size, number, or range

 9. 5)
Suitable – right for a purpose or situation

10. 3)
Eliminating – completely remove or get rid of (something)