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Directions (1 –5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions
A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are eight employees of Indian Bank who attends training in the four months (May, September, November and December) of the same year. The trainings are held in each month on either 15th or 26th. Only two trainings are held in a month. It is further known that: 
 A attends training in a month with 30 days 
 Only two people attend trainings after C 
 A and D attend their training on same month 
 D and E attend training on same date 
 E attends training in a month with 31 days 
 H attends training before F and G 
 B or H are not the first to go for training 
 Neither G nor B has training on 26th 
 G and F do not have trainings in the same month 
 D does not attend immediately before G 
1. Which of the following persons attends the training on December month? 
A. G and F 
B. B and F 
C. E and A 
D. B and C 
E. D and B 
2. Four of the following person forms a group, which of the following person does not belong to that group? 
A. E 
B. D 
C. G 
D. H 
E. B
3. Which of the following persons exactly attends training between A and C? 
A. B 
B. H 
C. C 
D. F 
E. G
4. G attends training on which of the following month? 
A. November 
B. September 
C. May 
D. December 
E. None of these 
5. Which of the following statement is true as per the given information?
A. H attends the training on December 
B. G attends the training on 26th November 
C. D and A attend the training on September 
D. C and F attends the training on 15th 
E. None of these 
Training Date            Employees 
15th May                   E 
26th  May                  H 
15th September         D 
26th  September        A 
15th November         G 
26th  November        C 
15th December          B 
26th  December         F 
Direction (6-10) Study the given information and answer the following questions
In a certain code,
‘temperate winter negative feeling’ is written as ‘o&C i#E o$C e@P
‘worst summer raining cloud’ is written as ‘e*B e@P a*R i#E’
‘positive results weather report’ is written as ‘ e@R e#Q o$C i#P’
‘heaven swings drowsy thunder’ is written as ‘ i@L e#P a@Q a@W
6. Which of the following word represents the code ‘o$C’?
A. Positive
B. Negative
C. Reactive
D. Either Positive or Negative
E. All the above
7. What is the code for the word ‘temperature’?
A. o&C
B. u%C
C. u&B
D. a%C
E. Cannot be determined
8. What is the code for the word ‘Drowsy’?
A. i@L
B. e#P
C. a@Q
D. a@W
E. None
9. What will be the code for the ‘Sunday Times’?
A. a@Y a*Q
B. a*W a*Q
C. a@W a@Q
D. a@W a*Q
E. None
10. Which of the following word doesn’t represent the code ‘e@W’?
A. Sunday
B. Monday
C. Funday
D. Friday
E. Saturday
Small letter is number of vowels
1 vowel – a, 2 vowels – e, 3 vowels – i, 4 vowels – o
Symbol is number of letters
5-*, 6-@, 7-#, 8-$, 9-&
Capital letter is last letter -2