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Directions (1 –5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions. 
Eight friends namely viz, Mohan, Ravi, Sumit, Manish, Mahesh, Sunita, Amit and Arun like three cities i.e. Mumbai, Agra and Delhi and each of them like a different games i.e. Badminton, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Golf, Racing, Kho-Kho and Archery, but not necessarily in the same order. At least two and not more than three friends like the same city.  The one who likes Tennis is the only other friend who likes the same city as Manish. Mohan and Amit both like Delhi. Amit does not like Kho-Kho. Manish likes Mumbai and likes Badminton. The one who likes Delhi does not like Racing. Ravi likes Football but does not like Agra. No one from Delhi likes Archery. Arun does not like Tennis and likes same city as Sumit. Sumit likes Archery and Sunita likes Cricket. 
1. Which of the following game is liked by Sumit?  
A. Badminton  
B. Golf  
C. Kho-Kho  
D. Cricket  
E. Archery  
2. Who likes Agra?  
A. Sumit, Sunita  
B. Amit, Arun, Sumit  
C. Sunita, Arun, Sumit  
D. Manish, Mohan, Amit  
E. None of these 
3. Which of the following combinations is correct?  
A. Sunita – Delhi – Archery  
B. Manish – Mumbai – Racing  
C. Mahesh – Mumbai – Tennis  
D. Amit- Agra – Golf  
E. None of these 
4. Amit likes which of the following city?  
A. Mumbai  
B. Agra  
C. Both Mumbai and Agra  
D. Both Mumbai and Delhi  
E. Delhi 
5.  Which of the following game is liked by Amit?  
A. Badminton  
B. Golf  
C. Cricket  
D. Tennis  
E. None of these 

Direction (6-10): Study the information given below and answer the questions based on it.
There are 7 members in a family A, C, N, S, T, M and K. S and M are granddaughters of N, who is father of C. T has only two sons. A is sister-in-law of K. S is not taller than M. A is shorter than three persons but taller than her daughters. No male is shorter than females. K is shorter than his brother and father. There are two married couples in the family. The one who is the oldest person in the family is the tallest. M is not taller than her grandmother. 
6. How many persons are taller than T?  
A. One 
B. Two 
C. Three 
D. Can’t be determined 
E. None of these 
7. Who among the following is mother of K?  
A. N 
B. S 
C. T 
D. A
E. None of these 
8. Who among the following is the shortest?  
A. S 
B. N 
C. T 
D. A  
E. None of these 
9. How is M related to K?  
A. Nephew 
B. Niece 
C. Daughter 
D. Can’t be determined 
E. None of these
10. How is T related to N?  
A. Wife 
B. Husband 
C. Mother 
D. Father 
E. None of these