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Directions (1 – 5):Study the following information and answer the questions given below: 
An input-output is given in different steps. Some mathematical operations are done in each step. No mathematical operation is repeated in next step.
As per the rules followed in the steps given above, find out in each of the following questions the appropriate step for the given input. 

1. Which of the following combinations in step III of the given input? 
A. 123, 12 
B. 120, 15 
C. 125, 12 
D. 1222, 12 
E. 132, 18 
2. Find the sum of numbers obtained in Step II? 
A. 55 
B. 34 
C. 38 
D. 36 
E. 42 
3. Find the difference between the two numbers obtained in Step III? 
A. 105 
B. 108 
C. 106 
D. 102 
E. 107 
4. If the last step number is multiplied by 4 what will be the final answer? 
A. -12 
B. 16 
C. -14 
D. 18 
E. -11 
5. If all the number of the first step are added then what will be the answer? 
A. 55 
B. 34 
C. 38 
D. 36 
E. 42 
1. Third digit and Fourth digit of the first block has to be multiply and subtracted from first and second digit multiplication 
2. Same process has to be repeated in the rest of the blocks
Step 2: 
1. Even number has to be increased by 2 and odd number has to be decreased by 2. 
Step 3: 
1. The number in the first block is multiplied with the number in the 3rd block. Also the number in the second block has to be multiplied number in fourth block 
1. Number in the first block are added and subtracted from the sum of numbers in second block 

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: 
In a certain language, 
‘ROYAL BORE PACE AIMED’ is coded as ‘2G18 1F5 18N1 16G3’ 
‘OLIVER CLAIM READING BOUND’ is coded as ‘2F14 3O9 18I14 15T5’ 
‘FLIGHT HANDLE TOAST STAIRS’ is coded as ‘20V19 6V8 19U18 8G12’ 
‘TRINK ZONED LIGHT OFFERS’ is coded as ‘26F5 12V8 20M14 15U18’
6. What is the code for ‘BROAD’? 
A. 6F4 
B. 2F1 
C. 1B2 
D. 15D3 
E. None of these 
7. ‘PROPER’ is coded as? 
A. 16O19 
B. 2T19 
C. 16T5 
D. 15C20 
E. None of these 
8. ‘SEPARATE’ is coded as? 
A. 15I1 
B. 19V5 
C. 1A20 
D. 19G20 
E. None of these 
9. What is the code for ‘BALANCE’? 
A. 6G4 
B. 2G3 
C. 1B2 
D. 5C3 
E. None of these 
10. ‘PROTEST’ is coded as? 
A. 16O19 
B. 12A19 
C. 16V19 
D. 15C20 
E. None of these
The coding language used to code the given sentences should be decoded in three steps. 
Step I: The first element of the code is the alphabetical position of 1st element of the word. 
Step II: The second element of the code is the 2nd succeeding alphabet as per English Alphabetical order of the last letter of the word. 
Step III: The third element is the alphabetic position of the 2nd last element of the word. 
For example, ‘ROYAL’ is coded as ‘18N1’ First element R =18 Last word + 2 = N 2nd last element A = 1 
6. B. 
7. C. 
8. D. 
9. B. 
10. C