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Directions (1 – 5):Study the following information and answer the questions given below: 
‘A~B’ means ‘A and B are siblings’ 
‘A&B’ means ‘A and B are married couple’ 
‘A£B’ means ‘B is the only son of A’ 
‘A%B’ means ‘A is mother in law of B’ 
‘A!B’ means ‘A is the sister-in-law of B’ 
‘A$B’ means ‘A is the brother-in-law of B’ 
‘A*B’ means ‘B is either nephew or niece of A’ 
1. If K!G%P&M~S$P, then how S is related to G, if K is unmarried? 
A. Son 
B. Daughter 
C. Mother 
D. Father 
E. None of these 
2. If P£D~L*F, L£K; P%Q!L, then how Q is related to K, if D has only one sibling? 
A. Uncle 
B. Niece 
C. Nephew 
D. Aunt 
E. None of these 
3. If M~N£Q$K&B~Q, then how Q is related to M? 
A. Niece 
B. Nephew
C. Cannot be determined 
D. Son 
E. None of these

Directions (4-5): Study the following information and answer the given questions.       
A11B means A is mother of B
A32B means A is sister of B 
A91B means A is father of B 
A10B means A is brother of B 
A19B means A is wife of B 
A50B means A is son of B 
4. If P10 L50 J19 B91 M, then how P is related to M? 
A. Son 
B. Brother 
C. Sister 
D. Cannot be determined 
E. None of these 
5. If U11T91H50V32Q, then how T is related to Q? 
A. Sister in law
B. Sister 
C. Brother 
D. Brother in law 
E. None of these
Direction (6-10): Study following information carefully and answer the questions given below. Seven friends-A, B, C, D, E, F and G are born in different months in the same year, August, September, October, November and December. Two of them are born in September and two of them born in December. Each of them likes different colors Blue, Red, Violet, Yellow, Green, Pink and Orange, but not necessarily in the same order. They also like different sweets viz, Gulab Jamun, Laddu and Rasagulla, but not necessarily in the same order. 
G likes Blue and born in September. Only three persons was born between the one who likes Violet and E. C likes Green was born in the month in which no other person was born in the same month. The elder and younger persons like different sweets but not Rasagulla. A was born before F and neither of them likes Violet. D does not like Gulab Jamun. C is not an eldest person but born before F. The one who likes Pink was born in before the one who likes Red. The one who likes Violet was born in one of the month before E. C likes Gulab Jamun. The one who likes Laddu was born in immediately after the one who likes Violet. The one who likes Violet is not an eldest person. Those who are likes Laddu does not born in the adjacent months. B likes Orange and born in December. Only three persons like Rasagulla. A likes neither Pink nor Red. 
6. Which of the following combinations is correct? 
A. D-Red 
B. F-Pink 
C. E-Yellow 
D. A-Blue 
E. None of these
7. How many persons born between the one who likes Blue and C? 
A. Two 
B. One 
C. Three 
D. No one 
E. None of these
8. Four of the following five are alike in certain way and thus form a group as per the given arrangement. Which of the following does not belong to that group? 
A. D 
B. E 
C. B 
D. G 
E. F
9. B is related to Pink in a certain way based on the given arrangement. In the same way G is related to Yellow. Which of the following colors is F related to following the same pattern? 
A. Blue 
B. Red 
C. Orange 
D. Green 
E. None of these
10. Who among the following likes Gulab Jamun? 
A. A, B 
B. C, A 
C. E, F 
D. Cannot be determined 
E. None of these