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Directions (1 – 5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it.
Nine people – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I were stood at some distance from each other in a grocery area. C was 18 m $ to that of B. A was 8 m % of that of B and H was 14 m # of that of A. G was 10 m %@ of that of H while D was 20 m # of that of G and F was 10 m % of that of G. I was situated just in the middle of B and C while E was just in the middle of G and D. 
Here, % means North, # means South, $ means East and @ means West 
%$ means North-East ,#@ means south-West. 
For example, 
X%$Y means Y is to the North-East of X 
Y%$X means X is to the North-East of Y
1. What is the direction of I with respect to F? 
A. South-East 
B. South –west 
C. North  
D. North – west 
E. South  
2. What is the shortest distance between person B and person G? 
A. 12m 
B. 10m 
C. 9m 
D. 11m 
E. None of these 
3. Which of the following persons stand in the straight line? 
A. G-A-B  
B. C-H-I 
C. G-E-D 
D. A-B-H 
E. Both 3 and 4 
4. What is the direction of E with respect to I? 
A. South 
B. South – west 
C. North – west 
D. North 
E. None of these 
5. What is the difference between the sum of distance of FG+GE and BI+GB ? 
A. 17 
B. 03 
C. 14 
D. 13 
E. None of these  
Direction (6-10): Study the given information carefully to answer the following questions. 
There are 12 members (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K and L) each has decided to play a different game in their college for the tournament that is going to be held in a week from Monday to Saturday. 2 games will be played in a day such that 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. 
E likes to play carom which is going to be played on Monday evening. H will play kabaddi on Thursday morning. F plays handball which is the last game of the tournament. C likes to play badminton which is scheduled on Tuesday evening. B plays football which is exactly between C and F. Tennis tournament is immediately before kabaddi. G will play between E and C. Cycling tournament will be held exactly between the tournaments in which B and F will participate. The first tournament is Chess. K loves swimming and I loves volleyball. K will play before I. J will play before I and there will be only one game between them. L will play in the morning. One person plays Rugby. 
6. Which sport will be played between Swimming and Kabaddi? 
A. Handball 
B. Badminton 
C. Carrom 
D. Cycling 
E. Tennis 
7. G played on which of the following day? 
A. Monday 
B. Tuesday 
C. Wednesday 
D. Thursday 
E. Friday 
8. How many persons played between G and J? 
A. 4 
B. 7 
C. 6 
D. 5 
E. None of these 
9. If Rugby will be played before D, then Who will play tennis? 
A. K 
B. D 
C. A 
D. B 
E. Cannot be determined 
10. Cycling tournament will be held on which of the following day? 
A. Tuesday 
B. Saturday 
C. Friday 
D. Wednesday 
E. None of these