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Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions
Eight persons from different states such as Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan, Haryana, Karnataka and Bihar drinking 8 different juices such as Apple juice, Mango juice, Grape juice, Orange juice, Papaya juice, Pineapple juice ,Guava juice and Water melon juice and each of them having a mobile in the brand names of Oppo, Vivo, Redmi and HTC. They lived in eight storeybuilding, Thelower- mostfloor is numbered 1; floor above it is numbered 2and soon.

 The person who is from Andra Pradesh drinking Water melon juice 
 The person who is drinking Guava juice having HTC mobile
 The third floor stayed person drinking Mango juice and having a mobile in the brand name of Oppo. 

 Grape juice is drink by the person who is having Vivo mobile. 
 Minimum of three persons stayed below of Bihar state man. And the person who belongs to Kerala not stayed in the odd numbered floor. 
 The mobile’s brand name Vivo and HTC having same number of state-men 
 Tamil Nadu state man stayed two floors below from the person who is belongs to Andra Pradesh. 
 The top floor is not occupied by the person from Karnataka. 
 The Redmi owned person drinking Apple juice. 
 The persons from Kerala and Andra Pradesh having same mobile brand and both of them not having Vivo mobile and also three persons stayed in between them. 
 The persons who are drinking Orange juice and Mango juice are having same mobile brand with the one who is drinking Papaya juice. The Redmi owned person stayed in fourth floor. 
 There are four persons stayed in between of Karnataka and Kerala. The lowest floor is occupied by the Rajasthan state man. 
 Only three persons having one kind of mobile brand name and the person from Karnataka who is drinking Papaya juice is one of them. 
 The state man from Haryana and the person who drinking Papaya juice are not stayed in the even numbered floor. Only one person having Redmi mobile 
 The person from Maharashtra who likes to drink Pineapple juice stayed in even numbered floor and is having same mobile brand name with the person, who is drinking Grape juice also stayed in first floor. 
 HTC mobile is owned by the person who is from Kerala. 
 The person who drinking Water melon juice stayed above the floor of the person who is drinking Guava juice 
 The Haryana who is drinking Mango juice having same mobile brand with the state man from Bihar 
1. Which of the following person sits exactly between who are drinking Apple juice and Water melon juice? 
A. The one who eats Mango juice food 
B. The one who eats Guava juice food 
C. The one who eats Pineapple juice food 
D. The one who eats Orange juice food 
E. The one who eats Grape juice food 
2. How many persons have Oppo mobiles? 
A. One 
B. Two 
C. Three 
D. Four 
E. Five 
3. Who lives in the sixth floor? 
A. The one who is from Andra Pradesh 
B. The one who is from Kerala 
C. The one who is from Karnataka 
D. The one who is from Maharashtra 
E. The one who is from Bihar 
4. Papaya juicedrink by which of the following state person? 
A. Tamil Nadu 
B. Andra Pradesh 
C. Kerala 
D. Maharashtra 
E. Karnataka 
5. Which of the following combinations is true? 
A. 2 – Grape juice – HTC – Rajasthan 
B. 4 – Apple juice – Redmi – Tamil Nadu 
C. 8 – Apple juice – Vivo – Rajasthan 
D. 7 – Mango juice – Oppo – Maharashtra 
E. 3 – Orange juice – Redmi – Haryana
Direction (6-10): In certain coding language, the directions are coded as per below conditions.
J@K means – J is North of K
J%K means – J is South of K
J#K means – J is East of K
J $ K means – J is West of K
J@#K means- J is North East K
The distance between two point is either 8 m or 11 m.
@ means the distance between the two points is 8m
% means the distance between the two points is either 11m.
JK > LM Means the distance between point J and K is greater than that of point L and M.
Example: J @ K means J is north of K and the distance between J and K is 8m.
A#B, C%B, D@E, F#E, D $ C, F@G, H#G
6. In which direction A with respect to G? 
A. @ 
B. % 
C. @# 
D. %$ 
E. None of these
7. What is the shortest distance between Point D and Point F? 
A. √100 m 
B. √64 m
C. √121 m 
D. √185m 
E. None of these
8. Akshay travels from point D to F and F to H.Then what is the shortest distance he travelled through this journey? 
A. √270m 
B. √121 m 
C. √185 m 
D. either a or b 
E. None of these
9. If I is 11m east of D then I is in which direction of F? 
A. North 
B. East 
C. North-west 
D. North-East 
E. None of these
10. which of following statement is true? 
A. D@C 
B. A%$ G 
C. C@$G 
D. H$C 
E. None of these