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SBI Clerk and SBI PO Prelims exam are going to be held in the upcoming months. We have already provided you with the PDFs of many topics of Quantitative Aptitude like Simplification/Approximation, Number Series,datainterpretation.important Arithmetic questions to prepare for SBI Clerk and PO Pre exam. Practicing these questions will help you to know about the level of the questions. To increase your speed and accuracy, enhance your calculations.

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Read the following paragraph and
answer the questions that follow:

Six sprinters Usain Bolt, Michael Johnson, Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell, Carl Lewis and Maurice Green are sprinting with each other. In a 100m sprint, Usain beats
Johnson by 8.5m. In another sprint, Johnson beats Tyson by 1m. In another sprint, Tyson beats Asafa by 0.5m and in another sprint; Carl Lewis beats Maurice green by 3m.
They are all running at their top speeds during the sprints.

1.By how much distance will Bolt beat Tyson Gay if they sprint together?
a) 8.63m b) 8.87m
c) 9.25m d) 9.41m
e) 9.86m

2. By how much distance will Bolt beat Asafa if they sprint together?
a) 8.69m b) 8.88m
c) 9.29m d) 9.46m
e) 9.87m

3. By how much distance will Johnson beat Asafa if they sprint together?
a) 1.03m b) 1.14m
c) 1.26m d) 1.37m
e) 1.49m

4. Find the ratio of speed of Michael Johnson and Asafa Powell.
a) 100 : 99 b) 10000 : 9801
c) 20000 : 19701 d) Cannot be
determined e) None of these

5. Who’s the fastest among all?
a) Bolt b) Asafa
c) Johnson d) Maurice
e) Cannot be determined

6. Rohan can do a work in 30 days, while Mohan can do the same work in 35 days. They started the worked together for 15 day and the remaining work was completed by Rakesh. All of them were paid a sum of
Rs 1260. What is the share of Rakesh?
a) 90 b) 130
c) 200 d) 150
e) 70

7. Rohit has Rs 55000 with him. He lends Rs 25000 at a rate of 6% S.I per annum, Rs 12000 at a rate of 8% S.I per annum. He lends the remaining amount at such
a simple rate of interest that at the end of 3 years he earns total interest Rs. 15000, then find the rate of interest at which remaining amount was lent.
a) 18.15 b) 14.11
c) 12.44 d) 15.77
e) 7.33

8. In a 40 liter pot ratio of the milk and water is 3 : 7 and the ratio of milk and water in another pot is 4 : 1. How many liters of the mixture from second pot must
be poured into 40 liters of the mixture from first pot, so that the ratio of milk and water in new mixture will become 2 : 3?
a) 12 b) 15
c) 30 d) 10
e) 16

9. Three partners A, B and C start a business by investing amounts in the ratio 2 : 3 : 5 for an year. At the end of the year what is difference of the profits of
A and C, if the total profit is Rs. 21000?
a) Rs. 10500 b) Rs. 4200
c) Rs. 6300 d) Rs. 6000
e) None of these

10. By mistake, instead of dividing Rs. 564 among P, Q and R in the ratio
1/3: 1/4: 1/5
it was divided in the ratio of 3 : 4 : 5. Who gains the most and by how much?
a) Rs.65 b) Rs.82
c) Rs.91 d) Rs.75
e) None of these

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4.Required ratio = (100 × 100) : (99 × 99.5) = 20000 : 19701

 5.No comparison can be drawn between Maurice and the others because their relative speeds cannot be determined.

6.(LCM of 30,35,15)=210
Assume total work =210 units
Rohan one day work=(210/30)= 7 units
Mohan one day work= (210/35)= 6 units
Work done by Rohan and Mohan in 15 days= (7+6)*15= 195
Work done by Rakesh= 210-195= 15 units
Share of Rakesh= (15/210)*1260= Rs 90

7.Let the rate of interest be x
= 25000*6*3/100 + 12000*8*3/100 + 18000*x*3/100= 15000
= 4500 + 2880 + 540x/100= 15000
= 54000x/100= 7620
= x=14.11%

8.In the first variety of 40 liters
Milk= 40*3/7= 12 liters
Water = 40*7/10= 28 liters.
Let 5x liters of mixture from the 2nd pot be poured in into the first pot
Milk= 4x, water= x
12+4x/28+x= 2/3
36+12x= 56 + 2x
10x= 20
x= 2
So, required amount of mixture to be poured= 5*2= 10 liters.

9.Required difference = [(5 – 2)/(2+3+5)] × 21000= (3/10) × 21000 = Rs.6300


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