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English for sbi clerk main


Welcome to Online English Test in GKRECALL. We have started QUIZ program for SBI PO PRELIM AND SBI CLERK MAIN 2020 and we are creating sample questions in English section daily, THESE TYPE OF QUESTIONS ARE MOST EXPECTED IN EXAM!!! So never missout on anything.

Here are some English questions, which are most probable to be asked in SBI CLERK MAIN 2020!!!
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Directions(Q.1-10)In the passage given below there are 5 blanks. Every blank has four alternative words or Sentences given in options (1),(2),(3) and (4). You have to tell which word/Sentence will best suit the respective blank. Mark (5) as your answer if the work given in bold after the blank is your answer i.e. “No change required”.
The Supreme Court is currently hearing oral arguments in Indian Young Lawyers Association v. State of Kerala, in which rules that bar the entry of women aged between 10 and 50 years into the Sabarimala temple in Kerala (1)_____________. At a purely (2)________ level the case might well appear to us to be an easy one to resolve. To prohibit women from entering a public space, from worshipping in a (3)___________, one would think, ought to be anathema to the tenets of a constitutional democracy. But, as a study of the rival (4)_______ made before the five-judge Bench that heard arguments shows us, the religious freedom clauses in the Constitution are possessed of a special complexity, which the court’s own past jurisprudence has turned into a (5)__________ of contradictions. Were the court to enter into an analysis of these rival claims, by conducting something akin to a trial on whether there exists a tradition as claimed that is essential to the practice of religion, it would be exceeding the remit of its authority, effectively causing it to shoulder (6)_____________. Therefore, what we need is a subtler yet more profound inquiry. Once the court finds that the Sabarimala temple does not represent a separate denomination the court must ask itself whether it should yield to the temple’s view on an assumption that there does exist a time-honoured custom prohibiting any women aged between 10 and 50 years from praying at the shrine. On such a study, the court will undoubtedly notice that most policies of exclusion in India’s history have been defended as being (7)______________________ of faith, of being rooted in culture and tradition. To defer to an association’s leaders in matters such as these can only, therefore, have the effect of immortalizing discrimination. Given the (8)_______ relationship in India between religion and public life, it’s time the court (9)___________ of the public and the private. If the court can look beyond the essential practices doctrine and see this case for what it really is — a denial to women not only of their individual rights to freedom of religion but also of equal access to public space — it can help set the tone for a radical re-reading of the Constitution. This can help the court reimagine its jurisprudence in diverse areas, making a meaningful difference to people’s civil rights across spectrums of caste, class, gender and religion. Ultimately, the Constitution must be seen as representing not a (10)______________ conception of boundaries between the state and the individual, but as a transcendental tool for social revolution.

  1. 1. placing reliance on these rules
    2. have been called into question
    3. from entering the shrine
    4. would affect the idol’s “celibacy” and “austerity”
    5. no change required
  2. 1. screeching
    2. berating
    3. unreflecting
    4. revile
    5. no change required
  3. 1. shrine of their choice
    2. the case is a clash between a series of apparently conflicting
    3. how its religious affairs ought to be managed
    4. rights of a community of devotees
    5. no change required
  4. 1. glut
    2. contentions
    3. sardonic
    4. epigram
    5. no change required
  5. 1. furtive
    2. vituperate
    3. voluptuous
    4. quagmire
    5. no change required
  6. 1. pray at the shrine
    2. rights to be recognised as equals under the Constitution
    3. seeking to assert not only their freedom to unreservedly enter
    4. dogmatic power over theology
    5. no change required
  7. 1. the disabilities imposed by custom
    2. extensions of a prescription
    3. usage on certain classes of Hindus
    4. broad exceptions to the freedom of religion
    5. no change required
  8. 1. inexorable
    2. cadence
    3. exorable
    4. epicurean
    5. no change required
  9. 1. in the interests of social welfare and reform
    2. intrinsic facet of a liberal democracy
    3. shattered the conventional divides
    4. crucially, to the guarantee of other fundamental rights
    5. no change required
  10. 1. hoary
    2. cloy
    3. revivify
    4. dispel
    5. no change required

1. 2)
have been called into question
2. 3)
Unreflecting- not engaging in reflection or thought
3. 1)
shrine of their choice
4. 2)
Contentions- heated disagreement
5. 4)
Quagmire- an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation
6. 4)
dogmatic power over theology
7. 2)
extensions of a prescription
8. 1)
Inexorable- impossible to stop or prevent
9. 3)
shattered the conventional divides
10. 1)
Hoary- overused and unoriginal