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Directions (1 -5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

Six children– Z, X, C, V, B, and N- watch different Animation Programs on their TV viz. Donald Duck, DODO,  Shingam, Babloo, Chota Chetan and Honky – and they live on six different flats of a building, numbered 1 to 6. The ground flat is numbered as 1 and topmost flat is numbered as 6. They like six different Animation Characters viz. Dalu, Saiba, Munni, Lui, Jiyan, and Pumba, not necessarily in a same order. Each Animation serial is cast on a different day from Monday to Saturday. X likes Jiyan and Animation serial which is liked by him is DODO and X lives on the 6th flat of the building. B and Z live on even numbered flats and their favorite Animations cast on Saturday and Monday respectively. The one who watch Donald Duck lives on the lowest flat and it is cast on Tuesday. Babloo Animation sprogram watched by that kid who lives on the flat which is just below X and it is cast on Thursday. The kid who watches Honky likes Pumba and his Animation is cast on Monday. N likes Lui and no one lives below N. One of the kids who watches Animation Programs which cast on Friday lives on even numbered flats. V lives below C and he likes Munni. B, who doesn’t live just below C, likes Dalu and his favourite serial cast on Saturday. The kid who likes Chota chetan lives on an even numbered flat.
1. Who is watching Donald Duck Animation serial? 
A. Z
B. N
C. V
D. X
E. C
2. Which Character does B like? 
A. Pumba
B. Jiyan
C. Dalu
D. Lui
E. Saiba
3. Who among the following watch that Animation which is cast on Thursday?
A. V
B. N
C. Z
D. X
E. C
4. If V is related to C and B is related to Z, in the same way N is related to?
A. X
B. N
C. Z
D. V
E. C
5. Which of the following combination is correct?
A. V – Shingam – Saiba
B. C – Babloo – Munni
C. Z – Chota chetan – Pumba
D. X – DODO – Dalu
E. N – Donald Duck – Lui
Direction (6-10) In each question below are statements followed by conclusion. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.
6. Statements:
No Red is Yellow.
All Yellow are Blue.
All Pink are White.
Some Blue are Pink.
I. No Pink is Red.
II. Some Yellow are not White.
III. Some Pink which are Blue are also Yellow is possibility
IV. No White is Blue is a possibility.
A. Only I follow
B. Only II and IV follow
C. Only III follow
D. Only III and IV follow
E. None of these
7. Statements:
All Samsung are Apple.
No Samsung is Redmi.
No Apple is Lenovo.
All Lenovo are Oppo.
I. Some Samsung are Oppo is a possibility.
II. All Redmi are Lenovo is a possibility.
III. No Apple is Oppo.
IV. Some Lenovo are Redmi is a possibility.
A. All follow
B. Only II, III and IV follow
C. Only I, III and IV follow
D. Only I, II and IV follow
E. None of these
8. Statements:
All Ants are Fly.
All Fly are Bird.Some Fly are Insect.
No Insect is Mosquito.
I. Some Insects are Ant is a possibility.
II. Some Bird are Mosquito is a possibility.
III. Some Insects are not Fly is a possibility.
IV. All Mosquito are Ant is possibility.
A. All follow
B. Only II, III and IV follow
C. Only I, III and IV follow
D. Only I, II and IV follow
E. None of these
9. Statements:
All Even are Odd.
All Composite are Prime.
No Odd is Prime.
Some Odd are Whole.
I. All even are not Composite.
II. No Prime is Even.
III. Some Whole are Composite.
IV. All Odd are not Prime.
A. Only I, II and III follow
B. Only I, II and IV follow
C. All follow
D. Only I and IV follow
E None of these
10. Statements:
All Green are Red.
All Green are Blue.
No Green is White.Some White are Black.
I. All Red are White is a possibility.
II. Some Green are not Black.
III. All Blue are not White.
IV. Some Black are Red is a possibility.
A. Only I and II follow
B. Only I and III follow
C. Only II and IV follow
D. Only IV follow
E. None of these
6. C
7. D
8. A
9. B
10. D