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Directions (1 -5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
In a certain code language,
“Less The Money Pay” is coded as ” Ae Me Ee Le”
“I Lost Cat Mouse” is coded as “Qe Ne Ce Me”
“The Favorite Parrot In Cage” is coded as “Ee Fe Pe Be Ze”
“I Pay Cage Ransom” is coded as “Ae Qe Ze Re”

1. How is the word “Cat” coded in the given language?
A. Ze

B. Re
C. Ne
D. Ce
E. None of these
2. What is the code for the word “Cage” ?
A. Ne

B. Ee
C. Ae
D. Me
E. Ze
3. If ” Smart In Cat Doctor” is coded as ” He Xe Ye Ne” ,then what is the code for “Lost” ?
A. Ee

B. Xe
C. Le
D. Ce
E. None of these
4. If ” The Favorite Parrot Is Fantastic” is coded as ” Fe Pe Be Ue” ,then what is the code for “Parrot” ?
A. Fe
B. Be
C. Pe
D. Ze
E. Cannot be determined
5. What is the code for ” Ransom” ?
A. Ze
B. Ee
C. Le
D. Me
E. None of these
Direction (6 – 7): Study the following information to answer the given questions. 
B is the brother of M. M has only one daughter. M is the mother of X. X is the sister of C. O is the father of C. C is married to Z. A is the son of C. 
6. How is M related to Z? 
A. Cannot be determined 
B. Sister-in-law 
C. Mother 
D. Aunt 
E. Mother-in-law 
7. How is C related to B? 
A. Niece 
B. Cannot be determined 
C. Nephew 
D. Son 
E. Daughter 

Direction (8 – 10): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions:
* Sani is sister of Ram. Arun is brother of Gaurav
* Arun has only one son. Megha is the wife of Arun
* Megha is the daughter of Sani. Ram is brother-in-law of Vivek
8. If Raghav is the husband of Kriti and son of Megha, then how is Vivek related to Raghav?
A. Paternal grandfather 
B. Father 
C. Mother 
D. Uncle 
E. Maternal grandfather 
9. How is Gaurav related to Megha? 
A. Brother-in-law 
B. Sister-in-law 
C. Brother 
D. Cannot determined 
E. Sister 
10.  How is Ram related to Megha?
A. Uncle 
B. Father 
C. Aunt 
D. Maternal Uncle 
E. None of these