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Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions
A number arrangement machine when given an input of words/numbers, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and steps of rearrangement.
Input: fog 13 angle post 75 26 lamp 31 earn 58 outer 79
Step 1: 131 fog angle post 75 lamp 31 iearn 58 outer 79 262
Step 2: angle 131 post 75 lamp 31 iearn 58 outer 79 262 fog
Step 3: 313 angle 131 post 75 lamp earn outer 79 262 fog 585
Step 4: earn 313 angle 131 post 75 outer 79 262 fog 585 lamp
Step 5: 757 earn 313 angle 131 post outer 262 fog 585 lamp 797
Step 5: outer 757 earn 313 angle 131 262 fog 585 lamp 797 post
This is the final arrangement and step 6 is the last step for this input.

    Input: 28 hut under 75 out 45 12 break 21 pot 63 east
    1. What is the position of ‘212’ in step 5 from right end?
    A. 7th
    B. 9th
    C. 5th
    D. 4th
    E. 8th
    2. In step 6, if ‘out’ is related to ‘212’ in the same way as in step 2, ‘75’ is related to ‘63’ in a certain way, then in step 3, ‘under’ is related to which of the following in the same way?
    A. pot

    B. 212
    C. 121
    D. break
    E. 63
    3. What is the sum of numbers – 6th from the left end in step 3 and 4th from the right end in step 4?
    A. 258

    B. 287
    C. 232
    D. 265
    E. 239
    4. In which of the following step number do the words/numbers ‘121 212 break 454’ occur together?
    A. 2

    B. 4
    C. 3
    D. 6
    E. 5
    5. How many words/numbers are there between ‘121’ and ’63’ in step 4?
    A. 2

    B. 5
    C. 3
    D. 4
    E. None of these
    Words: consonants and vowels taken in alternate steps. Vowel at first place, consonant at last.
    Numbers taken in ascending order – and added the first digit at the end while arrangement. like 13 -> 131, 26 -> 262, 31 ->313, 58 -> 585…..
    Input: 28 hut under 75 out 45 12 break 21 pot 63 east
    Step 1: 121 28 hut under 75 out 45 break pot 63 east 212
    Step 2: east 121 28 hut under 75 out 45 pot 63 212 break
    Step 3: 282 east 121 hut under 75 out pot 63 212 break 454
    Step 4: out 282 east 121 under 75 pot 63 212 break 454 hut
    Step 5: 636 out 282 east 121 under pot 212 break 454 hut 757
    Step 6: under 636 out 282 east 121 212 break 454 hut 757 pot
    Directions (6-8): ‘A’ walks 10 km north from point Q to reach point H. He takes a left turn and walks 9 k to reach point S. On the other side, ‘B’ walks 5 km north from point Y to reach point J. Point Y is 9 km east from point Q. Next ‘B’ turns to his right and reached point D. Also ‘A’ turned left from point S and reached point M after walking 5 km.
    6. What is the difference between points M and J?
    A. 10 km
    B. 26 km
    C. 18 km
    D. 12 km
    E. Cannot be Determined
    7. If ‘B’ walks 4 km east from point Y, then he is in which direction with respect to point D?
    A. South
    B. North-west
    C. North-east
    D. North
    E. South-west
    8. What is the shortest distance between points Q and D?
    A. √194 km
    B. √198 km
    C. √197 km
    D. √196 km
    E. √195 km
    Directions (9-10): In each of the following questions, a question is followed by two statements. Read all the statements and find that which statements are required to answer the question and answer accordingly.
    9. What is the code of ‘she’ in a certain code language?
    statement I:In a certain coding language 
    ‘she fondly ate apples’ is written as ‘du  ki  aj  op’, 
    ‘she fondly ate apples’ is written as ‘op  ki  du  sp’.
    statement II: In a certain coding language ‘
    he cut the apples’ is written as ‘ki  fo  sp  cf’, 
    ‘she ate the apples’ is written as ‘ki  aj  fo  du’.
    A. Only I is sufficient 
    B. Both I and II are necessary 
    C. Only II is sufficient 
    D. Either I or II is sufficient 
    E. Neither I nor II is sufficient
    10. Who is tallest among all 6 six friends – A, B, C, D, E and F?
    statement I: B is taller than C and E both. B is not the tallest. A is taller than E. F is taller than D.statement II: A is shorter than B but taller than E. C is just above B in height among all 6 friends. F is taller than A. E is not the shortest.

    A. Only II
    B. Only I
    C. Neither I nor II
    D. Both I and II
    E. Either I or II
      9. Option D

    10. Option  C