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Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions:In a certain code, 
‘shunt three grammar some’ is written as  ‘g#15   t@63  h@35  h#08’,
‘talent demand back theme’ is written as   ‘y@24  g#15   g@48 w@48’,
‘father where too Delhi’ is written as   ‘u@48   w#15    d#15  g#03’, and
‘incredible proceed loan citi’ is written as  ‘k@63   x#08  r#80    o@24’.
1.  Which is the code for ‘comment ’?

A.  e@35
B.  x@63
\C.  x#23
D. d#48
E. Cannot be determined
2. What is the code for ‘approximate ’?
A. z#99
B. d@45
C. z#132
D. c#99

E. Cannot be determined
3. What is the code of ‘theme’?
A. g@63
B. r@32
C. g#15
D. g#03
E. Cannot be determined
4. What is the code of ‘the credit loan’?
A. r#80 x@48 g#03
B. o@24 u@15 g#03
C. k@63 t#48 r#08
D. o@24 x@48 g#03
E. Cannot be determined

5.  Which is the code for ‘software games’?
A. i@48 t@35
B. h#48 t@35
C. h@48 t#15
D. g#48 t#08
E. Cannot be determined

Solution-1. B 
There are only 2 symbols used in the coding. So you should start by identifying what these mean.In first and fourth codes we have two @ and two # so here we cant know.Next if we see 2nd and 3rd codes. There are 3 @ symbols and 3 # symbols resp. Now see the words given. And if they have any similarity. In second code there are 3 words which end in a consonant and in 3rd code there are three words which end in a vowel. Check the same in 1st and 4th codes. So if word end in vowel then #. If in consonant then @. Next see there are two words in 1st code which start with s and 2 codes which start with h. Similarly in 2nd code. So this can be used to find out about the letter in codes. Analyze and see that reverse letter is written – A -> Z. B -> Y i.e. in reverse order A to Z -> Z to A.
Directions (6-7): In this question, relationship between different elements is shown in the statements. The statements are followed by conclusions. Study the conclusions based on the given statement and select the appropriate answer if.  
Give Answer: 
A. If Only conclusion I follows. 
B. If Only conclusion II follows. 
C. If either conclusion I or II follows. 
D. If Neither conclusion I nor II follows. 
E. If both conclusions I and II follow.
6. Statements: 
K ≥ Y > N > P ≥ L; N ≥ F = T
I K ≤ L 
II Y > T 
7. Statements:  
P > L ≤ W ≥ X ≤ T; L< Q ≤ C 
I C > X 
II P < C 
Directions (8-10): In each of the following questions relationship between different elements are given in the statement followed by three set of conclusions. Study the following information carefully and decide which of the following conclusion follows logically. 
8. Statement: 
F < B = M; W = G ≤ K; H < F = K; W > T = P; 
I M > H
II W < B 
III K ≥ P 
A. Only II and III follows 
B. All I, II and II follows 
C. Only II follows 
D. Only I and II follows 
E. None follows  
9. Statement: 
R < Q ≥ M < H; M > T ≤ S = F; Q = L < W ≥ B 
I R < W 
II H > F 
III L ≤ S 
A. Only II and III follows 
B. Only I follows 
C. Only II follows 
D. Only I and III follows 
E. None follows    
10. Statement: 
D = F ≤ G < M; F < W = T; D > S ≤ K; G ≤ Z > H 
I D ≤ T 
II M > S 
III H < M   
A. Only II follows 
B. Only I and II follows 
C. Only III follows 
D. Only I and III follows 
E. None Follows
 6. Option B 
 7. Option A 
 8. Option D 
 9. Option B
10. Option A