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Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
In a certain code,
‘Cushion Parents Various Graph’ is written as    ‘12%I    6%E    7#H      3$A’, 
‘Given Maximum Avenues Foolish’ is written as  ‘3@I      4$L       9%N     3#V’, 
‘Value Foolish Point Example’ is written as          ‘6?I        12!L      4$L       5!M’, and 
‘Above Quantum Hexagon Cricket’ is written as ‘2#A      7?C       7@N      9!O’.
1. Which is the code for ‘First Watch’?
A. 4#R 10$T
B. 4?O  12$T
C. 5?R   13$A
D. 4?R  13$T
E. Cannot be Determined
2.  What is the code for ‘Movable Cupcake ’?
A.  4!A 7!C
B. 3#A 8!C
C.  3!A 7!C
D. 4!A 7%C
E. Cannot be determined
3. What could ‘7?Y’ stand for?
A.  Clipboard
B.  Copycat
C.  Casual
D.  Cunning
E.  Cannot be determined
4.  What is the code of ‘Inherit’?
A.  2#L
B.  1?E
C.  7?E
D. 1#E
E.  Cannot be determined
5.  Which is the code for ‘Hexagon Subject’?
A.  2#A 9?J
B. 3@A 5?A
C. 12#A 6#A
D. 2$A 9?A
E.  Cannot be determined
Number according to first word: If first letter is numbered less than 10, then
subtract from 10, else subtract 10 from number
Like cushion: first letter is c , c = 3 which is less than 10 so, 10 – 3 = 7
Various: v is 22 > 10, so 22-10 = 12
Maximum, x = 13 > 10, 13-10 = 3
Alphabet for middle letter word
And Symbol for last letter
N – #
S – %
H – $
M – @ E – !
T – ?
Directions (6-10) : Study the information and answer the questions :
Three persons covers a certain distance from starting point L. Rakesh starts walking towards east from point L and walks 5 m to reach point Z. From point Z, he walks 8 m north direction and then he takes a left turn and walks 9 m to reach at point N. Rahul starts walking in west direction and walks 8 m to reach point W. From point W he takes right turn and walks 5 m to reach point P. From point P he starts walking in east direction and walks 9 m to reach at point C. Mani start walking in north direction and walks 3 m and reach at point V then takes right turn and walks certain distance to reach at point I from point I, he starts walking in north direction to reach at point C.
6. What is the distance between point V and I?
A. 1 m
B. 5 m
C. 3 m
D. 2 m
E. None of these
7. In which direction point P with respect to point V?
A. East
B. West
C. South East
D. North West
E. None of these
8. What is the shortest distance between point N and point L?
A. 5 m
B. 3 m
C. 4√5 m
D. 7√3 m
E. None of these
9. If point T is 5 m south of point N then in which direction point T with respect to point I?A. NorthEast
B. South
C. West
D. North West
E. None of these
10.In which direction point P with respect to the starting point?
A. East
B. South West
C. South
D. North West
E. None of these