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Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.In a certain code,
′Insert Cart Window Marble′  is written as   ′M16     W19     I20       P20
′Quiz Current More Days ′ is written as         ′P30      C40      D24      T25′
′Marble Affairs Important Current ′ is written as  ′M16      S28     C40       N36′
′Dairy Important Signal Quiz ′ is written as             ′T25      Q35      N36     G22′
1.  Which of the following can be used to find out the code for ‘Signal’?
(i) C21 Q35 I20 K67
(ii) I20 P27 G22 L29
(iii) G22 T25 Q35 W19
(iv) C21 P20 N32 U35
A.  (ii)
B. (ii) or (iv)
C.  (i) or (iii)
D. (i) or (ii)
E. None of these
2.  Which of the following cannot be used to find the code for ‘Insert’?
A. C21 B34 I20 U35
B. I20 E25 W19 L29
C. Q10 P20 E25 L29
D. C21 P21 W19 Q10
E.  None of these
3.  If the code for ‘Insert’ is ‘P20’, then which of the following can be used to find the code for ‘Window’?
A. I20 W19 P27 L29
B. N32 I29 W13 R19
C. D12 L29 W19 W13
D. I20 D12 W19 W13
E. None of these
4.  What could be the code for ‘White Marble’?
A.  M16 P20
B.  T16 M11
C.  A19 M16
D. M16 T25
E.  None of these
5.   If ‘Dairy near my house’ is coded as ‘D45 F12 Q35 N32’, then what could be the code for ‘Green Signal’
A.  D24 G22
B. G22 S28
C.  G22 M16
D.  G22 Q35
E. U35 G22

1.Option D
In ′Dairy Important Signal Quiz ′ is written as ′T25 Q35 N36 G22′ – Important –
N36 and Quiz – T25
So Signal can be G22 or Q35
and only one of them is present in (i) and (ii). So if we know that what (i) and (ii)
are coded for, we can find the code for signal
In (iii) – both are G22 and Q35 are present – so In (iv) – Neither of G22 or Q35 is present.
2.Option B
Insert can be I20 or W19 or P20. But B) contains both I20 and W19
3.Option C
Window can be I20 or W19
In A, and D – both are present. In B none is present
4.Option C
Marble – M16
White is not present anywhere in codes and so is A19
5.Option E
Important – N36, Quiz – T25
′Dairy Important Signal Quiz ′ is written as ′T25 Q35 N36 G22′
‘Dairy near my house’ is coded as ‘D45 F12 Q35 N32’
Dairy is Q35, So signal – G22

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:When a word and number arrangement machine is given an input line of words and numbers, it arranges them following a particular rule. The following is an illustration of an input and its rearrangement (all the numbers are two-digit numbers):
Step I:coreexide2535ruinnone4223goal31
Step II:exidecore2535ruinnone42goal3123
Step III:goalexidecore2535ruinnone312342
Step IV:nonegoalexidecore35ruin31234225
Step V:ruinnonegoalexidecore3123422535
And step V is the last step of the above arrangement as the intended arrangement is obtained. As per the rules followed in the given steps, find out the appropriate steps for the given input.
Input:root flow3343each73thinmine1262drop54

6.In step III, which element appears between ‘root’ and ‘62’?A.Both ‘73’ and ‘thin’
B.Only ‘thin’
C.‘73’, ‘thin’ and ‘mine’
D.Both ’73’ and ‘mine’
E.None of these
7.What is the position of ‘drop’ to the left of ‘62’ in Step IV?
E.None of these
8.How many element are there between ‘mine’ and 33’ in the last Step?
E.None of these
9.Which is the fourth element to the left of the seventh element from the left end in the second-last step?
E.None of these
10.How many steps will be required to complete the arrangement?
E.None of these
Step I:droprootflow3343each73thinmine 6254 12
Step II:eachdroprootflow4373thinmine 62541233
Step III:floweachdroproot73thinmine6254123343
Step IV:minefloweachdroproot73thin5412334362
Step V:rootminefloweachdrop73thin1233436254
Step VI:thin root mine flow each drop12 33 43 6254 73