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Reasining for sbi clerk and RBI assistant mains

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Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions
In a certain code,
‘Crab Source Rhyme Praised’ is written as  ‘81H! 61R% 30R# 91O$’,

‘Viewers Prey Ban Appraise’ is written as ‘10P* 20A@  22I%  61R#’,

‘Win Addict Cold Magician’ is written as ‘30O# 32I@  10D$  31A*’,

‘Miser Basic Kitkat Solvent’ is written as  ‘11I$  31I! 91O% 20A!’.

1.Which is the code for ‘Thirteen Banks’?
A. 20H# 20A@
B. 02H* 20A!
C. 02H@  02A!
D. 20H*  02A$
E. Cannot be Determined

2.What is the code for ‘Sit Class Paragraph’?
A. 30M! 91I@ 63A*
B. 40L! 91I@ 61P%
C. 30L! 71M@ 62A*
D. 30L! 91I@ 61A*
E. Cannot be determined

3.What could ‘21I%’ stand for?
A. Symbols
B. Light
C. License
D. Urban
E. Cannot be determined

4.What is the code of ‘Mistake’?
A. 31I%
 B. 13T@
 C. 28S*
D. 31M%
 E. Cannot be determined

5.Which is the code for ‘Would Kill’?
A.  42I! 11O#
B.  42O# 11I#
C.  42O! 11I#
D. 42O$ 11I#
E.  Cannot be determined

A is taken as 1, B as 2, ……Z as 26
Crab: C – 03 so written 30, then second letter R, # for 4 letters word
Source: S – 19 so written 91,
then second letter O, $ for 6 letter word.
Praised: P – 16 so written 61, then second letter R,
 % for 7 letter word.
3 letter word – @,
 4 letter word – #, 5 letter word – !, 6 letter word – $, 7 letter word – %, 8 letter word – *
Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions
Seven friends A,B, C, D,E, F and G. Each of them is an officer in Army, Airforce, Navy, IAS, RBI, VAO and CBI. They like different colours – White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink Black and Green colour but not necessarily in that order. Their hobbies are Photography, Gardening, Reading, Painting,  Dancing, Singing and Riding but not necessarily in the same order. Three of them preferred Pepsi and remaining all preferred Cola.
• The person whose hobby is dancing preferred Pepsi while who is the RBI officer preferred Cola. F is the Airforce officer like pink color.Navy officer does not like black and yellow color.
• The two friends who took Pepsi were the person whose favourite colour is Pink and the one whose hobby is Riding.
• D did not take Pepsi and his favourite colour is White. B‟s favourite colour is Blue. He did not like Pepsi and he likes to read novels
• D clicks a picture of his friend B who is an Army officer.
• The person whose favourite colour is Red likes painting but he is not E and the person who is RBI likes gardening.
• D is not a Navy officer. The person who likes red color is either Navy or IAS officer. The person who is an Army officer likes Blue colour is not preferred Pepsi
• The Rider‟s favourite colour is Black and he is neither VAO nor CBI and he is not A. C‟s favourite colour is Green and his hobby is not Singing or painting
6. Riding is the hobby of who among the following ?
A. E
B. G
C .A
D. F
E. None of these

7. The color Yellow is favourite color of _________
A. A
B. E
C. B
D. D
E. None of these

8. Which of the following is profession of A ?
B. Navy
C. Army
E. None of these

9. Which pair of friends preferred Pepsi ?
E. None of these

10. Who among the following is IAS officer ?
A. A
B. D
C. G
D. B
E. None of these


A Cola Red Navy-Painting
B Cola Blue Army-Reading
C Cola Green RBI-Gardening
D Cola White CBI-Photography
E Pepsi Yellow VAO-Dancing
F Pepsi Pink Airforce-Singing
G Pepsi Black IAS- Riding