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Arithmetic problems for SBI PO PRELIM 2020

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Q1) There are 2 people who are going to take part in race. The probability that the first one will win is 2/7 and that of other winning is 3/5. What is the probability that one of them will win?
A) 14/35
B) 21/35
C) 17/35
D) 19/35
E) 16/35

Q2) Two cards are drawn at random from a pack of 52 cards. What is the probability that both the cards drawn are face card (Jack, Queen and
A) 11/221
B) 14/121
C) 18/221
D) 15/121
E) 14/221

Q3) The length and the breadth of a rectangular table are increased by 1
m each and due to this the area of the table increased by 27 sq. m. But if the length is increased by 1 m and breadth decreased by 1 m, area is decreased by 7 sq. m. Find the perimeter of the table.
A) 45m
B) 52m
C) 60m
D) 72m
E) None

Q4) The water in a rectangular tank having a base 80 m by 60 m is 6.5 m deep. In what time can the water be emptied by a pipe of which the cross-section is a square of side 20 cm, if the water runs through the pipe at the rate of 20 km per hour?
A) 39hrs
B) 45hrs
C) 60hrs
D) 40hrs
E) None

Q5) Two buses start at same time from Chennai and Bangalore, which are 250km apart. If the two buses travel towards each other, they meet after 1hr and if they travel in same direction they meet after 5hrs. What is the speed of the bus starts from Chennai if it is know that the one which 
started from Chennai has more speed than the other one?
A) 150km/hr
B) 100km/hr
C) 45km/hr
D) 80km/hr
E) 120km/hr

Q6) Two train starts at the same time from Delhi and Agra and proceed towards each other at the rate of 40km/hr and 37 1/2km/hr. When they meet it is found that one train has traveled 200km more than the other train. What is the distance between Delhi and Agra?
A) 6200km
B) 5000km
C) 4200km
D) 4800km
E) 6000km

Q7) In a competitive exam, the number of passed students was four times the number of failed students. If there had been 35 fewer appeared students and 9 more had failed, the ratio of passed and failed students would have been 2 : 1, then the total number of students appeared for the
exam ?
A) 170
B) 165
C) 180
D) 155
E) None

Q8) If 8 men and 3 boys working together, can do four times as much work per hour as a man and a boy together. Find the ratio of the work done by a boy and that of a man for a given time ?
A) 2:3
B) 3:2
C) 4:1
D) 1:4
E) None

Q9) There are two watches of cost Rs. 800. One is sold at a profit of 16% and the other at a loss of 8%. If there is no loss or no gain in the whole transaction, the cost price of the watch on which the shopkeeper gains is?
A) Rs. 400
B) Rs.740
C) Rs.504
D) Rs.450
E) Rs.645

Q10) Niel bought 30kg rice at the rate of Rs.9.50/kg and 40kg of rice at the
rate of Rs. 8.50/kg and mixed them. She told the mixture at the rate of Rs.
8.90/kg. Find the total profit or loss in the whole transaction.
A) Rs.4 profit
B) Rs.2 loss
C) Rs.2 profit
D) Rs.4 loss
E) None of these


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Option D
Prob. of 1st winning = 2/7, so not winning = 1 – 2/7 = 5/7
Prob. of 2nd winning = 3/5, so not winning = 1 – 3/5 = 2/5
So required prob. = 2/7 * 2/5 + 3/5 * 5/7 = 19/35

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Option A
There are 52 cards, out of which there are 12 face cards.
So probability of 2 face cards = 12C2/
52C2 = 11/221

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Option B
Let original length = l, breadth = b, so area = lb
When l and b increased by 1:
(l+1)(b+1) = lb + 27
Solve, l + b = 26
When l increased by 1, b decreased by 1:
(l+1)(b-1) = lb – 7
Solve, l – b = 6
Now solve both equations, l = 16, b = 10
Perimeter = 2(16+10)=52m

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Option A
Volume of water in the tank is 80*60*6.5=31200m^3
Then Volume of water flown in 1hr is 20*1000(in meter)*20/100*20/100(in
Time taken=31200/800=39hrs

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Option A
Here we have two speeds. We get 2 equations as.
250/1hr = C+B—-1 (Travelling in opposite direction, speed must be added ie
250/5hr = C-B—-2 (Travelling in same direction, speed to be subtracted. ie C-
solving 2 eqn C=150km/hr.

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Option A
Speed ratio 40:37 1/2==>40: 75/2==>80:75 ie 16:15
ratio diff between speed is 1[16-15]
1 ===> 200 (more distance)
[16+15]31 ===>?

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Option D
Let the number of failed students be x
Number of passed students = 4x
So total number of students was 5x
From the given data
f total number of students be 5x – 35
x = 31
Total number = 31×5 = 155

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Option C

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 Option A
profit …………….loss
+16 …………….. -8
1 : 2
Therefore ,
price of watch sold at profit = (1/2) * 800 = Rs. 400
price of watch sold at loss = 2 * 800 = Rs. 1600

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 Option B
Total CP = 30 *9.50 + 40 * 8.50 =625
Total SP = 8.9(30+40) =623
Loss = Rs.2