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Directions (1-2): Two trains start together from a Station A in the same direction. The second train can cover 1.25 times the distance of first train in the same time. Half an hour later, a third train starts from same station and in the same direction. It overtakes the second train exactly 90 minutes after it overtakes the first train.
Q1. What is the speed of third train, if the speed of the first train is 40 Km/hr?
(a) 20 km/hr
(b) 50 km/hr
(c) 60 km/hr
(d) 80 km/hr
(e) None of these
Q2. What is the distance covered by third train till the time it overtakes the second train?
(a) 160 kms
(b) 150 kms
(c) 140 kms
(d) 130 kms
(e) None of these
Q3. Difference of speed of boat in downstream and upstream is 7km/hr and the time taken by the boat to travel 45 km in downstream is 80 minutes more than the time taken to travel 13 km in upstream. Due to cyclone, speed of current becomes twice and thus it can cover D km in upstream in time which is equal to new speed of current. Find D?  
(a) 30
(b) 24
(c) 18
(d) 21
(e) 27
Q4. Ratio between length of train-A & B is 1 : 2 and speed of two train-A & B is 120 km/hr & 108 km/hr respectively and both trains running in same direction cross each other in 108 sec. If two compartments were added in train-A then it can cross a platform of length of 12.5 times of length of one compartment in 14.04 sec, then find the time taken by train-B to cross that same platform, if five new compartments were added in to that train?
(a) 18 sec
(b) 22 sec
(c) 16 sec
(d) 20 sec
(e) 28 sec
Q5. Boat-A travels 80 km in upstream in 2.5 hours. Speed of boat-B in still water is 75% of speed of boat-A in downstream. If speed of stream for both boats is same, i.e. 4 km/hr, then find time taken by boat-B to cover 102 km in downstream.
(a) 5 hours
(b) 2 hours
(c) 3 hours
(d) 9 hours
(e) 7 hours
Q6. A shopkeeper bought 150 calculators at the rate of Rs. 250 per calculator. He spent Rs. 2500 on transportation and packing. If the marked price of calculator is Rs. 320 per calculator and the shopkeeper gives a discount of 5% on the marked price then what will be the percentage profit gained by the shopkeeper?
(a) 20%
(b) 14%
(c) 15%
(d) 16%
(e) None of these

Q7. A dealer sold a camera at a profit of 5%. Had he sold it for Rs. 120 more, he would have gained 15%. For what value should he sell it in order to gain 10%?
(a) Rs. 1320
(b) Rs. 1330
(c) Rs. 1230
(d) Rs. 1260
(e) Rs. 1435
Q8. A manufacturer manufactures phone. While manufacturing he incur two types of cost – Fixed cost & variable cost. His total fixed cost is Rs.‘x’ annually and he can produce only 1,00,000 units in an year.If he produces 60,000 units, his per unit cost is Rs.9 and if he produces 1,00,000 units, his per unit cost is Rs.7.40. Then, find at what price per unit he should sell 80,000 units, if he wants to earn 20% profit.
(a) Rs.8.4
(b) Rs.8
(c) Rs.9.6
(d) Rs.10
(e) None of the above.
Q9. Marked price of two articles A and B is in the ratio of 3:4. Shopkeeper sold article A and article B at the discount of x % and (x+8)% respectively. Shopkeeper made a profit of 20% on selling article B and found that its cost price is equal to selling price of article A. Find the marked of article B when article A is sold for Rs 972 at two successive discounts of π‘₯2% and 2x%?
(a) Rs 1800
(b) Rs 2000
(c) None of the above
(d) Rs 1600
(e) Rs 2800

Q10. P and Q started a business by investing Rs. 45,000 and Rs.54,000 respectively. After four months R joined the business with a capital of Rs. 30,000. After two more months Q left the business with his capital. At the end of the year P got a share of Rs. 13,500 in the profit. What is the total profit earned?
(a) Rs 26800
(b) Rs 27600
(c) Rs 28600
(d) Rs 29200
(e) Rs 32300


S1. Ans.(c)
S2. Ans.(b)

S3. Ans.(d)

S4. Ans.(b)

S5. Ans.(c)

S6. Ans.(b)

S7. Ans(a)

S8. Ans. (c)

S9. Ans(c)

S10. Ans. (b)