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Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
Six people A, B, C, D, E, F performed an examination and each of them obtained highest marks in six different subjects Chemistry, English, Geography, History, Botany, Mathematics. They are interested in six different sports Hockey, Rugby, Golf, Football, Tennis, Baseball; but not necessarily in the same order.
C got highest marks neither in Geography nor B likes Golf. E neither plays Hockey nor Baseball. Neither D nor C got highest marks in History. A obtained highest marks in English, but neither likes Baseball nor Rugby. The person who obtained highest marks in History likes to play Golf. Neither D nor E got highest marks in Botany. The person who obtained highest marks in Geography likes Tennis, but neither D nor E is that person. Neither A nor D likes Hockey. E neither likes Golf nor obtained highest marks in Chemistry.
1.Who loves to play Football?
   A. B
   B. D
   C. A
   D. E
   E. None of these

2.Who obtained highest marks in Botany?
   A. B
   B. C
   C. E
   D. F
   E. Cannot be determined

3.Which one is true of the following?
   A. D obtained highest marks in Chemistry.
   B. F loves tennis.
   C. A plays Golf.
   D. None is true.
   E. All are true.

4.Which one is false of the following?
   A. D loves baseball.
   B. F obtained highest marks in History.
   C. All are false.
   D. E loves Rugby.
   E. None is false.

5.Who obtained highest marks in Mathematics?
   A. C
   B. D
   C. A
   D. None of these
   E. Cannot be determined



Directions (6 – 10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it:
6 dogs B, D, F, H, M and L are made to stand in a row facing north and distance between two adjacent dogs increases from left to right in consecutive integral multiple of 4.
Distance between F and H is 60m and only two dogs stand between them. L sits immediate left of F. B sits somewhere to the right of L and distance between them is in multiple of six. Distance between F and D is 44m.
Dog B starts moving towards east, after moving 12m, it turns to its right and moves 60m. From there after turning to its left and walking for a distance of 5m, it comes to halt at a point V.
Dog L moves in north direction for a distance of 20m and then turn to its left and moves 26m. After taking one more turn to its left it stops at a point W after walking 5m.
  1. What is the distance between dogs H and F?
    A. 50m
    B. 70m
    C. 40m
    D. 60m
    E. 30m
  2. In which direction dog B is facing now?
    A. North
    B. South
    C. North-East
    D. East
    E. West
  3. Who among the following is on the immediate right of D?
    A. H
    B. F
    C. L
    D. M
    E. B
  4. How many dogs are there between H and B?
    A. None
    B. One
    C. Two
    D. Three
    E. Four
  5. Point W is in which direction with respect to V?
    A. North
    B. North-East
    C. North-West
    D. South-East
    E. West