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Directions (1-5): Study the given information carefully and answer the given questions.  An input-output is given in different steps. Some mathematical operations are done in each step. No mathematical operation is repeated in next step.

As per the rules followed in the steps given above, find out in each of the questions the appropriate step for the given input.

1. What is the final step of the given input?
   A. LN
   B. JK
   C. WY
   D. CE
   E. None of these

2. What is the sum of all the numbers which appear in step II?
   A. 40
   B. 45
   C. 50
   D. 55
   E. 57

3. Which is the alphabet of the third table in step I?
   A. H
   B. O
   C. M
   D. W
   E. None of these

4. Find the difference in the numbers in step III?
   A. 48
   B. 50
   C. 53
   D. 57
   E. None of these

5. Find the addition of the numbers in step III?
   A. 114
   B. 112
   C. 110
   D. 111
   E. None of these

Step I: Write the alphabet which comes exactly between the two alphabets of first table. Then write the difference between the positions of two alphabets in second table. Follow the same operation for third and fourth table, and for fifth and sixth table. After this step we are left with three tables.

Step II: Add the number with the position of alphabet in first table. Follow same for second and third table. After this step we are left with three tables.

Step III: Add both digits of the first table and second table and write in the first table. Then add both digits of the second table and third table and write in the second table.

Step IV: Add both digits of the first table and write the alphabet at that position. The same is followed for the second table.
The final arrangement will be:

Directions (6-10): Study the following information and answer the given below questions. In a certain code language
"Pollution is root of everything" is written as "G&10 S^2 F)2 T*4 N?9".
"Ramesh have everything he wants" is written as "H%6 G&10 E#4 E#2 S!5".
"This tree have long root" is written as "E~4 S@4 E#4 T*4 G|4".
"Ramesh have short hair" is written as "E#4 T$5 H%6 R#4".

6.What is the code for “hair”?
   A. E#4
   B. E^4
   C. R#4
   D. R@4
   E. R!4

7.What is the code for “everything”? 
   A. G&10 
   B. G%10 
   C. E#10 
   D. E&10 
   E. N@10 

8. In the given code language, what does the code “E~4” means? 
   A. Have 
   B. This 
   C. Tree 
   D. Hair 
   E. Can‟t be determined 

9. What is the code for “„Ramesh”? 
   A. E#4 
   B. T$5 
   C. H%6 
   D. R#4 
   E. None of these 

10. What is the code for “Pollution”? 
   A. G&10
   B. S^2
   C. F)2 
   D. T*4 
   E. N?9


1) 1st element is letter that represents last letter of word. 
2) 3nd element is number that represents number of letter in word. 
3) 2rd element is the symbol that represents the first letter of the word. 
Ex: G&10 for “everything”. 
G is the last letter in the word plan. 
10 is number of letters in word. 
& is the symbol that represent first letter of word “everything” which is “e”. 
6.C  7.A  8.C  9.C  10.E