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Direction (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: 

Six persons are working in a company. Their designations are Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Managing Director (CMD), Managing Director (MD), General Manager (GM), Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Finance Officer (FO). Sequence of the posts are as above i.e. the post of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is higher than Chief Managing Director (CMD), the post of Chief Managing Director (CMD) is higher than Managing Director (MD) and so on the post of Chief Finance Officer (CFO) is higher than Finance Officer (FO). They have different years of experiences. They get different annual salaries.  Only two person’s designation is lower than the designation of the person whose annual salary is 7 lakhs. There are as many posts above the post of the person whose annual salary is 14 lakhs as below the post of the person who have 7-year experience. Annual salary of CEO is 6 lakhs. There are three posts in between the post of the persons whose experience are 4 years and 5 years. Person whose annual salary is 14 lakhs have just higher post than the post of the person who have 6 years’ experience and just lower post than the post of the person who have 8 years’ experience. Two posts are between the posts of the person who have 3 years and 8 years’ experience. Person whose annual salary is 5 lakhs have higher post than the person whose annual salary is 9 lakhs and lower post than the person whose annual salary is 4 lakhs. Person whose salary is 9 lakhs doesn’t have 4 years’ experience.

1. Who among the following has lowest salary? 

  1. Person who is CMD 
  2. Person who have 6 years’ experience
  3. Person who is GM 
  4. Person who have lowest experience 
  5. None of these 

2. Person who is GM have how many years’ experience?

  1.  3 years 
  2.  4 years 
  3.  5 years 
  4.  8 years 
  5.  None of these 

3. How many persons are senior than the person whose annual salary is 14 lakhs? 

  1.  None 
  2.  One 
  3.  Two 
  4.  Three 
  5.  More than three 

4. Which of the following is the annual salary of the person who is CFO? 

  1.  4 lakhs 
  2.  5 lakhs 
  3.  7 lakhs 
  4.  9 lakhs 
  5.  None of these 

5. Which of the following pair of combination is/are true? 

  1.  CMD - 4 lakhs 
  2.  GM – 7 years 
  3.  MD – 6 lakhs 
  4.  CFO – 5 lakhs 
  5.  None is true 
Directions (6-10): In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. Give answer 
  1.  if only assumption I is implicit. 
  2.  if only assumption II is implicit. 
  3.  if either I or II is implicit. 
  4.  if neither I nor II is implicit. 
  5.  if both I and II are implicit. 
6.Statement: A major retail store announced thirty per cent reduction on all food items during the weekend. 
I. People may still prefer buying food items from other stores. 
II.A large number of customers may visit the retail store and buy food items. 

7.Statement: The railway authority has rescheduled the departure time of many long-distance has rescheduled the departure time of many long-distance trains and put up the revised timing on its website. 
I. The passengers may note the change in departure times from the website. 
II.The passengers may be able to notice the change and board their respective trains before  departure.

8.Statement: The school authority has decided to give five grace marks in English to all the students of Std IX as the performance of these students in English was below expectation. 
 I. Majority of the students of Std IX may still fail in English even after giving grace marks.
 II.Majority of the students of Std IX may now pass in English after students of Std IX may now         pass  in English after giving grace marks. 

9.Statement: The civic administration has asked the residents of the dilapidated building to move out as these buildings will be demolished within the next thirty days. 
I. The civic administration may be able to demolish these building as per schedule.
II. The residents of these buildings may vacate and stay elsewhere.

10.Statement: The captain of the school football team selected only fourteen players to play all the eight matches of the interschool football competition. 
I. There may be adequate number of football players for all the matches.
II. The captain may be able to play in all the matches.