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English for sbi clerk main


Welcome to Online English Test in GKRECALL We are startingQUIZ for SBI CLERK Main 2020 and we are creating sample questions in English section, this type of Question will be asked in SBI CLERK Main 2020!!!!!!!!

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                                   Cloze test

As international oil prices head higher, India will have to ..(1).. itself for the economic 
risks of expensive energy. Brent crude oil futures were trading at about $70 a barrel on 
Friday, marking a four-year high and a price increase of close to 6% since the start of 
the year. The rise in international prices has been particularly sharp given that oil had 
been selling at below $45 in June. This is a rally of about 55% in a matter of just months. 
Oil price ..(2).. have often been explained by changes in the supply outlook ..(3).. by the 
decisions of major oil producers. Oil trading at $70 should offer some ..(4).. to traditional 
oil producers like the OPEC members, which have suffered the ..(5).. of U.S. shale 
producers. According to the IMF, last year, for instance, Saudi Arabia would break even 
on its budget with oil at $70. The recent spurt in oil prices, however, seems to be more 
the result of a weakening of the U.S. dollar than anything else. The dollar has been 
gradually weakening against major global currencies since the beginning of last year. 
But the trend was given a new push following comments by U.S. Treasury Secretary 
Steven Mnuchin in favour of a weak-dollar policy. At Davos this week, Mr. Mnuchin 
noted that a weaker dollar would be good for American trade. However, given that the 
U.S. is right in the middle of a monetary tightening cycle, it is unlikely that the dollar will 
continue to boost oil prices, unless the Federal Reserve slows the projected pace of 
interest rate increases.
Consumers in India are already beginning to feel the pinch as petrol and diesel prices 
have hit multi-year highs. The retail selling price of both petrol and diesel in Delhi, for 
instance, has risen by close to ₹3 a litre since the ..(6).. of 2018. The rise in domestic 
fuel prices is on expected lines given the policy of dynamic daily pricing of petrol and 
diesel ..(7).. by the Centre. But as rising oil prices put pressure on domestic consumers, 
the government will have to ..(8).. from ..(9).. to subsidies to ease the pain. It should 
work towards rationalising taxes on petrol and diesel to bring down retail prices. This will 

help consumers without ..(10).. an undue burden on the oil marketing companies.

1. 1) adynamic
2) aegis
3) backward
4) armor
5) brace

2. 1) barricade
2) redoubt

3) dynamics
4) rampart

5) protection

3. 1) palisade
2) parapet
3) bastille
4) influenced

4. 1) bastion
2) consummate
3) native
4) respite
5) resume

5. 1) bulwark
2) conclude
3) national
4) restart
5) onslaught

6. 1) buttress
2) beginning
3) preserving
4) local
5) completing

7. 1) munitions
2) deterrence
3) endured
4) adopted
5) immunity

8. 1) fortress
2) fortification
3) dike
4) continue
5) desist

9. 1) garrison
2) resorting
3) frustrate

4) withholding
5) fence

10. 1) embankment
2) imposing
3) citadel

4) refusing
5) deny

1. 5)
brace – a device fitted to something, in particular a weak or injured part of 
the body, to give support.

2. 3)
dynamics – the branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of bodies 
under the action of forces.

3. 4)
influenced – have an influence on.

4. 4)
respite – a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or 

5. 5)
onslaught – a fierce or destructive attack.

6. 2)
beginning – the point in time or space at which something begins.

7. 4)
adopted – legally take (another’s child) and bring it up as one’s own.

8. 5)

desist – stop doing something; cease or abstain.

9. 2)

Explanation:resorting – turn to and adopt (a course of action, especially an extreme or 
undesirable one) so as to resolve a difficult situation.

10. 2)
imposing – grand and impressive in appearance.