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Five friends Rahul, Suraj, Jasmine, Lalit and Maria wears different colours of Suites, Viz. – Silver, Blue, Grey, White and Pink (not necessarily in the same order). Each friend has different colour of tie viz. Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and Golden. Suraj, who has golden colour tie, is not in blue suit. Jasmine is in pink suit but her tie colour is not red and yellow. Maria has brown coloured tie but she is neither in blue nor in white suit, Lalit has yellow coloured tie. Rahul do not wear blue or silver colour suit. One who wears grey suit have red coloured tie. 
1. What is the colour of Lalit‘s suit? 
a) Pink 
b) Blue
c) White 
d) Silver
 e) None of these 
2. Which person has black colour tie?
 a) Rahul 
b) Jasmine 
c) Maria 
d) Lalit 
e) None of these 
3. Who wears white colour suit? 
a) Suraj 
b) Jasmine 
c) Rahul 
d) Lalit 
e) Maria 
4. Which of the following combination is true- 
a) Suraj- grey suit 
b) Rahul – blue suit 
c) Maria- white suit 
d) Lalit- Pink suit 
e) None of these 
5. Rahul wears which colour tie? 
a) Red 
b) brown 
c) yellow 
d) black 

e) None of these

Twelve friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K and L were born in different months of the same year. A was born in the month of April and G was born in the month of August. J was born in the month immediately preceding the month in which K was born and immediately succeeding the month in which C was born. J was not born in the month of October nor in February. There is a gap of two months between the birthdays of L and B. There were 30 days in the month in which L was born. D was born in the month immediately after the month in which I was born. There were 31 days in the month in which D was born. There is a gap of one month between the birthdays of B and F. E and H were born in that months which had 31 days each. 
1. In which of the following months B was born? 
a) December
 b) June 
c) March 
d) November 
e) September 
2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to that group? 
a) L 
b) A 
c) J 
d) K 
e) B 
3. Who among the following was born in the month of February?
a) J 
b) L 
c) E or H 
d) C 
e) I 
4. How many friends did celebrate their birthdays after F ? 
a) None 
b) Three 
c) Four 
d) Five 
e) Six 
5. If I is related A and B is related to J on the basis of months in which they were born, then with which of the following L is related on the same basis? 
a) G 
b) A 
c) K 
d) E 
e) H