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Direction: Study the following data carefully and answer the questions accordingly.
Seven people P, Q, R, S, T, U, and V belong to seven different cities i.e. Patna, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Meerut, Ranchi, and Aligarh but not necessarily in the same order. Neither U nor T belongs to Aligarh. Neither Q nor R belongs to Patna and Aligarh. U does not belong to Mumbai or Patna. P and U belong to Delhi and Mumbai but not necessarily in the same order. R does not belong to Chennai. S belongs to Ranchi.
Who belongs to Aligarh?
  1. V
  2. T
  3. U
  4. S
  5. None of these
R belongs to which of the following cities?
  1. Delhi
  2. Patna
  3. Meerut
  4. Chennai
  5. None of these
Find the correct combination from the following.
  1. P- Chennai
  2. V- Patna
  3. T - Aligarh
  4. U - Delhi
  5. None is correct
Who belongs to Patna?
  1. Q
  2. V
  3. R
  4. T
  5. Can’t be determined

Direction: Study the information given below and answer the questions based on it.
In a certain code,
'FEEDS HUNGRY ANIMAL' is coded as ‘gy hi sv’.
'LOVE MAKES LIFE BEAUTIFUL' is coded as ‘vy cu xa qm’.
'BEAUTIFUL LIFE BEGINS' is coded as ‘pt qm xa’.
'LOVE AND KINDNESS TO ANIMAL' is coded as ‘mt co vy hi xy’.

What is the code for “BEGINS”?
  1. cu
  2. mt
  3. pt
  4. hi
  5. xa
What does the code “xa” stands for?
  1. LIFE
  2. LOVE
  3. Either KINDNESS or ANIMAL
  5. Either LIFE or BEAUTIFUL
How may be “ANIMAL LOVE LIFE” be coded?
  1. qm sv xa
  2. sv mt pt
  3. co cu sv
  4. qm vy hi
  5. vy xy gy
What will be the code for “LOVE MAKES” in the given code language?
  1. cu vy
  2. vy xy
  3. cu co
  4. None of these
  5. Other than those given as options
In the given code language, what does the code “sv” stands for?
  1. MAKES
  2. Either “HUNGRY” or “FEEDS”
  3. Either “AND” or “TO”
  5. AND