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Direction:Study the following data carefully and answer the questions accordingly.
Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are working in a company on different designations- MD, AMD, GM, DGM, Manager, AM, Accountant, and Helper. MD is considered as Senior-most and the Helper is considered as the Junior-most. Each one of them likes different colors i.e. Blue, Red, Black, White, Grey, Orange, Yellow, and Brown but not necessary in the same order. There is only one post between F and E. G is just senior to C and just junior to the one, who likes White. Two posts are between A and the one, who likes White. The one, who likes Black, is junior to the one, who likes Orange and senior to the one, who likes Brown. D is just junior to the one, who likes Yellow. Not more than one person is junior to A. GM likes Black. B does not like Orange. Two posts are between the one, who likes Brown and the one, who likes Red. F is senior to DGM and likes Blue. More than three posts are between B and the one, who likes Red. C is not an Accountant.
Who likes Brown?
·      C
·      GM
·      E
·      MANAGER
·      None of these
How many people are junior to the one, who likes White color?
·      Two
·      Four
·      Three
·      One
·      None of these
Who is the MD?
·      E
·      The one, who likes Brown
·      H
·      The one, who likes Blue
·      None of these
Which of the following colors is liked by the Accountant?
·      Red
·      Yellow
·      Brown
·      Grey
·      None of these
Find the correct combination.
·      E - Black
·      F - MD
·      C - Grey
·      A - Helper
·      None is correct


Direction: Study the information given below and answer the questions based on it.

Seven friends A, C, H, K, Q, G and Z are sitting in a horizontal row. Four of them are facing north while others are facing south. They are born in different years viz., 1953, 1963, 1969, 1975, 1982, 1998 and 1999 (not necessarily in the same order). Consider the fact that they all are born on same dates and in same months.The present year is 2018.

The persons sitting at the extreme ends face opposite direction. K is the second youngest among all the friends. A’s present age is the square of one of the numbers. The difference in the ages of K and G is the square of a number. G is not younger than K. C and H face opposite directions. C sits second to the right of H. Q faces south and he is sitting in the middle of the row. His age is the multiple of 11. Only two persons sit between G and Q. G does not sit to the left of Q. The difference in the ages of A and C is 6 years. The person who is the youngest, sits on one of the extreme ends. H sits beside Q. K and G do not sit together. K faces north. C and K face opposite directions. Z and A face the same direction.

Who sits second to the right of the one who is 19 years old?
·      The one who was born in 1975.
·      K
·      None
·      The one who is 43 years old.
·      G
Who is the oldest person?
·      The one who sits third to the right of C.
·      The one who sits to the left of the 49 year old person.
·      C
·      H
·      The one who sits exactly between A and C.
How many people sit between the one who was born in 1998 and the one who sits to the immediate left of G?
·      Two
·      Three
·      Four
·      One
·      Five
If G and K change their positions, who will sit third to the left of K?
·      Q
·      The one who is 55 years old
·      H
·      The one who is 65 years old.
·      (a) and (b)
Who are facing South direction?
·      Z, A, H
·      G, H, Z
·      Q, G, K
·      C, Q, G
·      None of these.